NEW YORK, NY – 11-06-2018 — A startup social enterprise dedicated to supporting the revitalization of urban communities across the United States has launched in New York City. Seam Social Labs aims to tackle economic and social issues created by inadequate infrastructure – and to take local communities’ leads in building tomorrow’s great American cities.

Seam Social Labs, a startup social enterprise dedicated to economic sustainability, announced its official launch in New York City. The company offers innovation sprints, strategic planning, branding and marketing, mobile app development, and wayfinding signage, in an effort to support revitalization initiatives nationwide.
The launch is the first of many, as the organization plans to work in the United States’ fastest-growing cities: Newark, Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Memphis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh. Seam Social Labs provides strategic guidance to its partners dealing with the challenges of urbanization via in-house technical skills, a unique methodology, community accountability, and innovative thinking to overcome the atypical challenges that building smart and sustainable cities requires.
“Our cities’ economic development needs to be met with sustainability methods as America urbanizes. Similar to eco-tourism, we believe that community revitalization can be led responsibly with the community at the center of the plan, with consideration for their needs,” said Tiasia O’Brien, founder of Seam Social Labs.
O’Brien’s experience includes a decade of building partnerships with companies like Forest City Ratner and Alloy Development and creating 3D printing programs for people with developmental disabilities.
“Seam Social Labs takes a people-focused approach toward developing innovative solutions so that community and civic leaders can dedicate their time to building tomorrow’s sustainable cities. Each community is different – and with our human-centered method, we leverage a custom strategy to support the dynamic changes needed to effectively make a local impact.”
Three million people move to cities worldwide every week; in the United States alone 82% now live in urban areas, according to the United Nations. Many of these cities have an infrastructure that has barely been upgraded since the economic boom of the postwar period – a significant contributor to economic stagnation in communities which already have limited resources.
Whether transport, housing, or utilities, basic infrastructure services can make or break a community. Experts such as the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has scored the United States’ infrastructure as a “D+,” estimating that investment of some $1.5 trillion is needed by 2025 to prevent failure – and they are not alone.
“Americans today are living in cities with a quickly degrading 20th-century infrastructure that simply doesn’t match up to the demands placed on it,” added O’Brien. “Our team of social researchers, strategists, and marketers are dedicated to reinvigorating this infrastructure for economic sustainability – while supporting the very communities which they benefit.”
While the headlines of this debate may be focused on exciting initiatives such as Elon Musk’s Loop vision of being able to travel between Washington, D.C. and New York City in just thirty minutes, it is organizations like Seam Social Labs which aim to build truly sustainable, place based change. This mission helps community leaders across the United States to build the cities of tomorrow by effecting genuine change that can transform local communities from the bottom up.
For more information about Seam Social Labs, please visit https://www.seamsociallabs.com/. For all general and media inquiries, please contact Tiasia O’Brien at 518-360-1344 or email [email protected].
About Seam Social LabsFounded by Tiasia O’Brien, Seam Social Labs is a team of social researchers, marketers, strategists, and analysts dedicated to economic sustainability in revitalizing communities. The company provides innovation sprints, place based branding, strategic planning, and tourism marketing campaigns for communities in the midst of revitalization. For more information about Seam Social Labs, please visit the company’s website. can you use this link for this area: https://www.seamsociallabs.com/our-story/

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