President Trump starring in a new product launching video


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – 11-30-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

MR. Donald Trump has ran for president and hit the jackpot. Using his figure for marketing purposes has been just a matter of time, and it’s impossible to think about a more suitable timing for a new product called “The Wipe House“.

Wiping the nose might create amusing situations. “Welcome to The Wipe House” video plays on perfectly with Donald Trump’s trademark, his hair, taking it to the edge. Any attempt to describe the comic element is subject to failure. 

Nadav Drori, the product developer and the video creator said: “The Wipe House is a functional product, providing a perfect solution to the mess of used tissues, which in the best case scenario get squeezed into the pockets. In the worst case scenario, they are left on the table and very quickly move over the floor and all around the house. the shape of a house with garden and address sign stating: ‘The Wipe House’, give the product a humoristic dimension. Therefore, a humoristic launching video with president Trump was simply a self-evident”.

The market offers thousands of different kinds of tissue box covers, but only The Wipe House has a detachable garden container for used tissues. “This is one of those products where people say: Why didn’t anyone think of this before?”, said Nadav. In the video, president Trump wipes his nose (the funny part) and drops the ‘leftovers’ into the garden. Then, he discards the used tissues into a garbage bin and ends up sitting in his office with a big smile. “Clean face, clean space”, commented Nadav.

The president, obviously, has never been invited to a studio for video shoot. Nadav explained: “The making of the video demanded many hours with Photoshop and many hours of video editing”. We found one photo of Trump sitting in his office. Out of this single image we created dozens of slightly different images. All these pieces have been edited and rendered endless times, until we finally achieved the desirable movement”.

Nadav Drori is the owner of peter Pan patents ( The business specializes in developing products “giving you reasons to smile” for the Israeli market.

Lately, he decided to approach the American market with a similar concept, under the brand name Peter Pan Cool Stuff

The Wipe House is the second product launched in the USA. To be continued…

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