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LAS VEGAS, NV. – 03-06-2020 ( — Las Vegas, NV, March 06, 2020: Search engines have become indispensable tools for people looking for solutions to their problems on the internet. According to Nielsen’s NetView tool, Google News had 14.7 million unique visitors last year alone, looking for news and exclusive stories. Millions of others find news blended into other search engine results when searching for information. For a business looking for more customers and online visibility, press release offers a great opportunity to be in front of the potential customers in an organic way rather than spending thousands on ads. 

A well-crafted press release is written for the search engines as well as for the public. An expert press release writer can write a PR enrich with SEO keywords optimized enough for the major search engines while keeping the content interesting and engaging for the audience. A press release that includes links to interesting, related content has the potential to drive traffic to a website. Press release SEO can also indirectly help website SEO by getting backlinks from the websites or news outlets sharing the PR. Usually, High-quality PR firms like PR Distribution Inc. have a good reputation among the journalist’s community and they read what the firm has to share. It makes the PR distribution process smooth and flawless. But if you want to do the distribution yourself, a media contact list can provide you the starting point. PR Distribution Inc. is a full-service press release distribution service provider. They have extensive PR writing and distribution experience that span over two decades. They have helped many small to medium level businesses to reach their marketing and sales goals with a long-term press release distribution strategy that ensures at least 100 placements and visibility over top-tier media networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. They can also reach Bloomberg Business and Reuters.They offer premium PR distribution services at affordable packages that include Single PR distribution, Monthly, and Yearly PR distribution. They also have an option for agencies looking for white label PR distribution for reaching regional and industry-specific news outlets without any branding.
ABOUT PRDISTRIBUTION.COMPR Distribution Inc. is a leading press release distribution service provider in the US. It has been working for almost two decades now and has helped thousands of businesses get recognized by the industry’s most authentic bloggers, media outlets, and influencers. With PR Distribution Inc. you are guaranteed to get instant visibility in major search engines and news outlets for a very affordable price. For business queries, you can visit PR Distribution Inc. at

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