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LAS VEGAS, NV – 12-31-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Let’s assume you have just started a business or you have been into it for some years and you feel you are not supposed to be where you are now. You most probably need a PR distribution service.

And now you may want to ask if it is necessary to go for a paid service or a free one. Free press release distribution companies are not obliged to link your news to authoritative sites such as ABC and FOX but a paid distribution feels the need to do that. In fact, Press Release Jet offers over 150 media sites for its most basic premium plan.

A paid service on Press Release Jet guarantees aggressive promotion on social media sites. With a good copywriter for your stories, you are bound to have enticing content that people will be willing to share even without asking them to do so.

Press releases from Press Release Jet will have no Google ad from any of your competitors. You will also get statistics of the number of people that visited your site. Besides, a paid service like Press Release Jet has a help desk that will help you communicate with the management of the company in case you need some help anytime at all.

It doesn’t make sense using a free service. A free service has no good plan for your business. Instead of giving you the competitive advantage you need, the reverse is the case because your press release page might have a Google ad from another competitor. Another problem with it is that you cannot be sure of a prompt support team.

In summary, it is better to choose a paid PR distribution company over a free one. Press Release Jet offers the benefits highlighted above and even more. They are now accepting Bitcoin payments for all the benefits they are known for.

If you are interested in any of the benefits of using a paid PR distribution company, the time to act is now. Press Release Jet is now accepting orders and you can do that 24/7.

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