Qore Technologies Releases New Enterprise Integration Platform for Enabling Operational Excellence


PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – 02-08-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Qore Technologies today announced the new release of their enterprise integration platform: Qorus Integration Engine® 4.0, enabling enterprises to dramatically reduce costs while improving business flexibility with low-code/no-code user-driven solutions for any integration challenge. 

Businesses of all sizes and profiles are executing digital transformation initiatives in effort to gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs, and decrease time to market.The key to successful digital transformation projects is the right integration layer that can provide very high levels of IT automation at a very low cost while maximizing business agility. Qorus Integration Engine®’s unique building-block architecture allows for user-driven, configuration-based integration solutions to be developed for any IT or IoT integration challenge, providing modern businesses a competitive edge through operational excellence of highly automated processing of any product / service offering for today’s modern enterprises. 

The advantages of highly automated low-code/no-code integration solutions are clear:

  • Significant reduction of OPEX/CAPEX through fault-tolerant processing of configuration-based integration solutions
  • Maximum process and data quality for a smooth customer experience and timely and correct business decision making
  • More responsive sales & marketing initiatives with rapid time to market

In Short: Qorus Integration Engine® 4.0 provides a competitive edge for modern enterprises.

Qorus Integration Engine® 4.0 allows any IT integration challenge to be solved with ease through low-code/no code IT process automation and streamlined data and process integration, resulting in very low costs, high process quality, and maximized business agility. 

According to David Nichols, founder and CEO of Qore Technologies:

“Problems with process, data, and application integration prevent businesses from reaching their full potential. We allow companies to focus on what they do best by removing the complexity and risk from enterprise integration, resulting in very low costs, high business agility, and a significant competitive edge for our customers.” 

About Qore Technologies: 
Qore Technologies is an innovative company focused on solving today’s and tomorrow’s integration challenges for enterprises. Through our creative, elegant, robust and scalable integration platform we help enterprises perform data & application integration to accelerate digital transformation and achieve operational excellence, while significantly reducing CAPEX/OPEX and development effort. Our unique, building-block solution can solve ANY integration challenge, industry-proven to shatter the myth of the quality, time and cost triangle. 

Qore Technologies clients have reported: 

  • 100% higher process reliability
  • 75% reduced development time
  • 300% scaled operations with no additional headcount

Qorus Integration Engine® 4.0 is designed from the ground up for fault-tolerant operations. Available in the cloud as an iPaaS solution, or on-premise or also in hybrid ‘best of breed’ deployments, it features a powerful no-code/low-code building-block architecture for easy customization and deployment, helping enterprises to scale their operations beyond traditional ‘swivel chair’ back-office processes.

For more information visit: www.qoretechnologies.com 

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