Racial harassment and discrimination lawsuit filed against AT&T and Pacific Bell Telephone Company


SAN FRANCISCO – 09-28-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — The Vereschagin Law Firm filed a racial harassment, discrimination and retaliation lawsuit on September 26, 2018 on behalf of Samuel Wright against Pacific Bell Telephone Company and AT&T Inc.  The lawsuit was filed in Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area.Mr. Wright, an African-American, has been employed by Pacific Bell since 2011.  

During the course of his employment he was promoted or demoted depending on his acceptance of racial hazing through harassment.  Some of the instances of racial harassment Mr. Wright was subjected to include: (1) being called “spear chucker” (2) having a hanging noose placed underneath his desk at work; (3) having his supervisor advise him that a racist Caucasian co-worker refused to let his son play with Mr. Wright’s son because Mr. Wright’s son “had a black penis, and you son’s penis would be larger than his son’s;” (4) being called “colored;” (5) being advised that “white privilege is right” with respect to the attitude of one of his Caucasian peers; and (6) being advised at certain times that office bathrooms, pens, pencils and refreshments were for “whites only.”  

Further specifics of deplorable acts of racial harassment directed towards Mr. Wright are contained in the lawsuit complaint that was filed.  Mr. Wright is presently on disability from his employment. Mr. Wright coaches varsity basketball at Skyline High School in Oakland, California.  The case is Samuel Wright v. Pacific Bell Telephone Company, AT&T Inc. et al., Contra Costa County Superior Court case number C18-01893.

 Mr. Wright can be contacted through his attorney, Bryan Vereschagin, Vereschagin Law Firm, 505 Montgomery Street 11th Floor, San Francisco, California. Email [email protected] or phone (415) 834-5434.

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