ReadyCloud Suite™ Adds Powerful Growth Marketing Tools for E-Tailers with Addition of Action Alerts™


LOS ANGELES, MIAMI, PHOENIX, Arizona – 11-11-2019 ( — ReadyCloud—an Ecommerce Suite built for online retailers—has just added a powerful growth marketing tool with the addition of Action Alerts

“Online retailers commonly struggle to keep their brand in sight of customers, missing out on potential sales in the process,” commented Michael Lazar, an Executive at ReadyCloud. “Action Alerts gives e-tailers an easy way to update customers on orders and returns, to pitch cross-sells, survey requests and product reviews, and also helps them improve new and existing relationships.”Action Alerts are a new Growth Marketing tool, exclusively available in the ReadyCloud Suite. Retailers can schedule Action Alerts to automatically send consumers a focused email or an SMS message based on a variety of custom filters. These filters can be set for order and consumer activity as well as nonactivity. Popular examples include a follow-up greeting 30 days after every order has shipped or an SMS to announce that the consumer’s return has been received. Advanced users can set triggers to identify customers from a certain region—or who purchased a certain product—to send a focused cross-sell marketing message or to promote a seasonal item.Action Alerts can include multiple parties, even within the organization, and can be personalized to greet the customer by name and reference their order or shipment details. Each Action Alert can be uniquely styled with custom text, personalized signatures, images, promotions, back links and more to address a specific point of interest so the consumer stays engaged.“Your relationship with each customer goes beyond their first order,” Lazar says. “With Action Alerts, you can engage customers across virtually every supported sales channel with a message that directly targets their points of interest. As a consumer, wouldn’t you appreciate a confirmation that your return was received, and in that email or text find a promotion or coupon code that mattered to you because they are based on items from previous purchases? That’s what Action Alerts are all about!”All new ReadyCloud Suite accounts come with 100 complimentary Action Alerts. Sign-up and start using them to build better relations today. Learn more about Action Alerts by visiting: See how Actions Alerts work at: Go live in 5 minutes with your two-week free trial of ReadyCloud at: Got questions? Call ReadyCloud direct at: (877) 818-7447.
About ReadyCloud SuiteReadyCloud is an ecommerce Suite that does more than just CRM. It’s a Growth Marketing solution for online retailers that gives them a host of invaluable customer retention, marketing and relationship management tools that help supercharge loyalty and improve conversions. It’s the only ecommerce CRM with built-in Growth Marketing, Shipping, Returns and POS. New features are being added all the time. Learn more at: 

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