Reiki Memphis Welcomes You to an Open House for Healing


MEMPHIS, TN – 11-28-2018 ( — Reiki Memphis co-founded by Jennifer Ledbetter and Cheryl Yarbrough welcome you to their new location at 4564 Warden Rd. Memphis, Tenn.The Reiki Memphis Open House for Healing December 1, 2018 10am to 5pm is the first look at what Reiki Memphis has to offer in the world of alternative healing arts and how connecting with your energetic self can elevate a transformation to the higher self and transform you to becoming an overall better being.

Reiki Memphis will be offering free Reiki sessions, free intuitive readings and discounts on our energy jewelry and other novelty gifts.Our practitioners are energized to transfer healing energy to you just in time for the holiday season.

Jennifer Ledbetter has been teaching Reiki for more than 12 years and educating others of the power of the ascended masters through energy workshops and seminars.

Jennifer says, “I choose to take responsibility and be accountable for my life and not give it over to others. This is what my taking responsibility looks like: I am a seasoned practitioner of reiki focusing on assisting clients to live fully co-creating their highest and best outcomes. I am passionately engaged in the path of love and service and in helping to midwife the world’s new creation stories. I maintain a local wellness and teaching practice along with founding a nonprofit 501c3 called Caregivers Wellness while supporting six local “reiki shares” each month. My mission is to provide tools in assisting others in reclaiming their original grace and destiny. I am dedicating my life to be a vessel for divine light and love to benefit all.”

Beyond the teachings of Reiki, Reiki Memphis offers intuitive readings with Cheryl Yarbrough. Cheryl is a Reiki III Master, teacher and lecturer as well as Alternative Health Care Practitioner, Life Line and Matrix Energetics Practitioner, in addition to providing PsyCard and intuitive readings with Angel cards, Mother of Peace cards, Tarot, Crystal Oracle reading cards.She is also a respected and dedicated Past Life Regression Hypnosis Practitioner having been specifically trained by the infamous Delores Cannon and her Technique of QHHT.

She has been working with her guides for nearly 30 years and teaches others how to connect with their own guides through her class, “Intuition, Lessons and Connecting the Dots of your Soul Journey” which teaches those who are curious about connecting with their own guides, listening to their messages and how to act on the lessons provided on your journey.

New to Reiki Memphis is Pet Reiki and Animal Communication.Like humans, animals suffer from ailments that go unnoticed but can be addressed with the healing art of Reiki. Reiki extends healing energy to the pet to help aid in anxiety, pain and even PTSD. Yes, animals can suffer from PTSD. 

Reiki sessions begin at $75 per hour and intuitive readings range from $30 to $250 depending on the session type you choose, and the length of time required for the session.

Join Reiki Memphis, Saturday December 1 10AM to 5PM at 4564 Warden Rd. Memphis, Tenn.

Throughout the day Reiki Memphis will be giving away wonderful opportunities for readings, healing and learning in door prize drawings.Giveaways include essential oils, jewelry, Reiki Session Gift Certificates, Intuitive Reading Gift Certificates, Pendulum Readings, and even a gift certificate to participate in a future Reiki training class, in addition to one unique surprise.You do not have to be present to win.

Presentation schedule for the day:

11AM Reiki and Biomodulator: What are they and how do they help your healing journey

12PM: Intuitive Tools: Pendulum, Cards, Crystals and Oils

1PM: Does your Home Make you Sick? Your Toxic Home: Restoring a Physically & Energetically Stable Space

2PM: Animal Communication / Animal Reiki

3PM: Chakra System and its effects on your well-being

4PM: Cosmic Clock: Your Souls Journey and Violet Flame for Healing

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