Retired Navy Chief, Making Sure That Veterans Don’t Miss The Boat.


United States, California, Temecula – 02-21-2020 — In a time when mental health and wellness concerns appear to be on the rise, one veteran’s journey has accelerated from “leave the ship” to leadership. Despite what began as a difficult transition in his own life, retired Navy Chief Robert Swigart has emerged as the bridge over troubled waters for both civilians and returning veterans who feel stuck in the stormy waters of change.  

According to the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), about 11-20% of all returning veterans suffer from PTSD. And PTSD isn’t merely caused by exposure to life-threatening violence. An additional cause can be Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Even though 23% of the women who served report having experienced sexual assault, over half of all military veterans who suffer from sexual trauma are men.   

Those are frightening statistics, so retired Chief Petty Officer, philanthropist, and CEO of Nautical Coaching, Robert Swigart has made it a personal mission to assist veterans as they navigate through the struggles of transitioning back into society.
Whether it is volunteering his services for countless hours at local food banks or helping to serve the homeless, Rob is passionate about helping others learn the skills that will help them thrive even in trying circumstances.

Throughout his 24 years of service, Rob personally mentored and coached over 200 sailors and marines, helping them to achieve their goals, move up in rank, and ultimately transition from military life to civilian society.  

Today, he is applying that nautical leadership experience in helping others navigate their way to success in life and business with a powerful “SWAG.”  

He believes that the #1 challenge a veteran faces is reintegrating into what others call “normal society.”  He knows this from personal experience and from seeing countless other veterans succumb to mental illness and addiction. 

Upon his own retirement, he encountered several personal struggles. Here was a man who had faced military conditions with focus and conviction. Once back in civilian life, he suddenly felt directionless, unmotivated, inefficient, and utterly unaccountable. He felt like he barely recognized himself. It was as if his world turned upside down as compared to how things had been during his military life.  He went from easily leading others to now needing help for himself.  

His biggest challenge initially was finding the courage to ask for that help.  

In 2016, Rob hired a life coach for support and guidance. He was able to adapt to his daily struggles in this “new world.” He made peace with the differences in civilian life that contrasted so noticeably from the life that he had grown to love in the seas. Thanks to this coaching, his life began changing dramatically for the better. 

After two solid years of personal growth coaching, Rob met a world-class speaker, trainer, and coach named Jeff Klubeck of Get A Klu, Inc. Klubeck was able to not only up-level Rob’s personal coaching experience, but he also recognized that Rob had a gift for empowering others. 

Klubeck began mentoring Rob, teaching him how to coach and lead others as a profession. Today, Rob helps business owners and professionals identify their hidden potential and navigate toward more success in all aspects of their life.   

His passion, though, is giving back to veterans. He says that it is his way of both giving back to the sea that brought him so much joy and paying it forward to the world that he hopes to be part of creating.

During his spare time, Rob serves his community by helping the Homeless Veterans of San Diego. He also helps feed the homeless throughout the community, always keeping the US navy’s motto at heart (“Non sibi sed patriae” which means not self but country). Rob has dedicated his life to helping the great civilians (and now also the returning veterans) of this great country. 

He was recently featured on a podcast called “What It’s Really Like To Be an Entrepreneur.” He was also a featured speaker for Transcend Personal Mastery Group in Temecula, California.

Nautical Coaching for life and business! To learn more about how Rob’s Nautical Coaching and speaking service, click here.

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