Roger Elias’ INSURED: 3 Reasons to a Must Get.


SINGAPORE – 01-05-2019 ( — Media Contact: Roger Elias, [email protected]

Singapore, SG – I am pleased to announce that INSURED will be launched through Kickstarter on the 18th January 2019, GMT +8.Before we move on to the 3 reasons to why INSURED is a must get, here is a question I would like you to ponder.“If you were taught that preparation is one of the key values to success, how much of importance will you want to have it instilled in you?”Here are 3 reasons to why INSURED is a must get:1) INSURED inspires you to discern the times and stay strengthened and fortified for any eventuality.
It creates real-life situations where you would face great adversity and also meet sudden opportunities, and through them, you learn to thrive. You will understand the importance of being insured.
2) INSURED sharpens your decision-making skills.
Every decision you make will not only affect you but also everyone around you. Through the game, you will discover the real you as well as develop sound strategies to succeed in real life.
3) INSURED teaches you   “Nothing is guaranteed till it is certain”.
In INSURED, no matter how close you are to winning, there is always a chance that you might be further away from your goal. Despite your best of efforts to win, you might find yourself annihilated.  Thus, the player will have to learn how to manage their own expectations to fail forward by persevering on.“To rely on rustics and not prepare is the greatest  of crimes; to be prepared beforehand for any contingency is the greatest of virtues.” ~Sun Tzu
With that, INSURED is for ages 10+, so what a better way to instill values that can only improve your situation with a game that is for 3-8 players? With the objective of creating bonding time with family or amongst friends at any place and at any time, INSURED has been designed to be portable. With your help, you can bring INSURED to reality by pledging for a box on the day of the launch

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