SCI FI’S NEXT GREAT ADULT SERIES: “The Promise” Launches 5/23/2019


United States – 05-22-2019 ( — Maxx Powr’s debut Sci Fi novel is a must read for any Sci Fi fan. The Promise, Book #1 of the Piecer Chronicles series, is an adult, action-packed military space opera you will love. Brotherhood, love, betrayal, humor, loyalty, and revenge all await in this page turning, can’t-put-it-down novel. Ride along with the 523s, an elite DNA-enhanced squad of men as they battle the alien invaders to save the Earth. Meet Evelyn Tupi, the human daughter of General Gilbert Tupi, and Sheen the android sex worker from Titan.

The Promise will be released in e-book, hard cover and paperback, from Amazon and many popular book retailers. 

5/23/2019 The Promise is launched


5 Star Reader’s Favorite Award

“A dramatic space adventure packed with action. The Promise presents a richly developed new sci-fi world in which fans of this genre will eagerly get lost. The scope and detail of the writing is impressive, as are the human moments between the core characters. Powr has created a compelling canvas as a start to this series, and with a strong foundation of characters and a firmly established reality, the future of the Piecer Chronicles looks bright.” 


“In The Promise, a futuristic new thriller by Maxx Powr, readers are dumped onto an Earth of the future, where the scars of an attempted alien takeover 20 years earlier have barely stopped bleeding. When that same threat returns in even more devastating style, a young band of unexpected heroes must rise up in defense of the only home they know…
Bringing modern-day questions of robots and genetic engineering into a dramatic space adventure packed with action and youthful heroics is a recipe for a great read, and this author has made this first installment very close to perfection.”

Get on board The Promise launching 5/23/19. 

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