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NEW YORK, NY – 01-19-2018 (Press Release Jet) — STASH, creators of the STASH DigitalConfettiTM secure data storage and interactivity platform, today announced an alliance with CenturyLink as a provider of secure data solutions in the CenturyLink Marketplace Provider Program. STASH enterprise data security products are now available through the CenturyLink Cloud delivery platform.

STASH DigitalConfetti™ is a cloud-based data storage and interactivity platform that transforms enterprise data into small, encrypted bits before storing multiple copies, in different locations, in the cloud. STASH is ransom-ware proof, offers a “hands-off” key management process, and ensures you, and only you, have access to your data – no one else has access, including anyone at STASH. 

STASH’s data-centric products built around the DigitalConfetti™ platform include: STASH Hibernate™ compliance and regulatory innovation, which secures data at the byte level, with integrity for decades; STASHBack™, a uniquely secure enterprise data backup solution; STASH Armoured Courier™, a secure, shared data vault accessible by both individuals and groups; STASHSafe™, a secure data vault for individuals; and STASHDash™, for securely sharing and controlling the amount of time and number of views that media and other files are accessible by partners or external entities. Learn more at

CenturyLink’s Marketplace Provider Program permits participating technology companies to integrate their solutions with the CenturyLink Cloud platform. Several STASH add-on and business-ready solutions are available to CenturyLink’s cloud, hosting, and network customers. 

“The CenturyLink and STASH collaboration brings a critical solution to the challenge of data vulnerability. CenturyLink, a cloud solutions innovator, offers some of the most business-thoughtful cloud solutions in the world. STASH is the now and future of data security, resilience, and integrity. Together, we can offer impactful, valuable problem-solving to the unique data management challenges of today and tomorrow,” said Janine Darling, CEO of STASH Data Security. “Our plan is to eradicate the ability of malicious actors and algorithms to steal, harm, and manipulate data in the Cloud, with a ‘your data is yours – period’ deliverable. Our technology brings a cost-effective solution to one of the biggest data problems worldwide: how to protect data that, if compromised, will badly harm companies and their customers. STASH makes data useless to attackers. “ 

“Enterprise-grade security is a crucial objective for all IT organizations doing business on the cloud,” said David Shacochis, vice president of Hybrid IT product management, CenturyLink. “CenturyLink customers can leverage the STASH solutions to address these critical business challenges, and we are excited for our customers to use the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace to assess STASH’s place in their risk mitigation posture.” 

The CenturyLink Marketplace showcases technology solutions that solve complex business challenges in a low-friction model. If you are ready to get started with STASH’s solutions, visit the STASH product page on the CenturyLink Marketplace.


STASH is a data technology company focused on business secure data storage and secure data interactivity through innovative methods that ensure no one gets access to your data unless you say so. Founded in response to the waves of massive ransomware attacks and data compromises that have highlighted the inability of traditional security products to prevent them, STASH protects what matters most – the data itself.

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