SecureCaps Engineering Reveals New Window Covering To The World


ORANGE, CALIF – 09-21-2018 ( —

Window coverings that do what nothing else can do! Window coverings that actually help people! 

Snoop Express went on the hunt with SecureCaps Engineering in Orange, Calif to find out what the buzz is all about in the industry that has been hearing about their window covering that is so hush hush.

SecureCaps Engineering says what they have been working on for 5 years now will challenge not only current products and companies but will no doubt revolutionize the whole industry from hotels to property management to hospitals to the actual home owners literally. 

We at Snoop Express are aware of these guys and we have snooped on them at their business to the shows they have attended and they are no doubt in the game with some of their parts and service but this window covering is a whole different animal.

Once again talking to the owner he is very quite and is only saying to us that they are very close to revealing and unveiling their idea and product in just a few weeks as we tried to pressure him into the idea or concept but he only told us that they are getting their attorney’s and paperwork in order as they present their idea and product to the world.  



Media Contacts:

Company Name: SecureCaps Engineering
Full Name: Keith Andrews
Phone: 9494410438
Email Address: Send Email

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