Sipxmach is a leading manufacturer for sheet metal stamping, deep drawing parts in China


United States – 08-02-2019 ( — Sipxmach is a globally recognized leader for manufacturing and exporting technologically advanced and efficientmetal stamping products. With hard work and sincere efforts, together with maintaining its finest quality, Sipxmach has been continually providing its clients with premium sheet metal components, deep drawing parts, Progressive metal stamping.



Chongqing Sipxmach was 100% owned by Chongqing Hegao stamping parts Co., Ltd, we have state-of-the-art stamping part equipment in China, the press machines covers 50 tons to 1000 tons, and we have two independent stamping parts plants, cover around 8000 ?. we can almost provide all ranges of custom stamping services. Our stamping parts have serviced many different industries:  


Furniture Chairs, offices desk, Sofa metal hardware accessories, Automobile stamping parts, Camera and printer industries, household appliance etc. 


Sipxmach has 35sets of machinery metal punching machines, 15sets of hydraulic metal stamping machines, pressure from 15tons to 800tons, and 3sets MIG AND TIG welding robots for custom metal die stamped components. This is just our main sheet metal manufacturing equipment which don’t include our die casting equipment and machining parts equipment.  


Press bed sizes are up to 140? x 80?. Press stroke ranges up to 72? for custom metal stamped part. Our machines almost can cover all kinds of conventional stamping, progressive die stamping, compound die stamping, fine blanking.


Detailed hydraulic equipment list

Hydraulic press & Stamping machine
Parameter table
NO.      Name                 Power           Count        Mold set
Max Height      
Working table Size Top Cylinder Size  Note
to Back                 
to Right            
to Back            
to Right          
1 hydraulic
800 T 1 1800mm 2000mm 3400mm 1350mm
4root /Group
2 hydraulic
400 T 1 1200mm 1250mm 1240mm 108mm 105mm ?
3 hydraulic
315 T 2 1200mm 1160mm 1250mm ? ? ?
4 hydraulic
200 T 2 1000mm 940mm 1000mm ? ? ?
5 stamping
250 T 1 750mm 800mm 1400mm ? ? ?
6 stamping
160 T 2 550mm 740mm 1300mm ? ? ?
7 stamping
125 T 2 480mm 710mm 1080mm ? ? ?
8 stamping
100 T 2 400mm 560mm 850mm ? ? ?
9 stamping
80 T 8 350mm 540mm 800mm ? ? ?


Our capabilities:

Precision Metal Stampings: For your most complicated metal stamping demands. Tooling is intended and constructed to meet the most challenging requirements.

Complex CNC Machining & Wire EDM: Sipxmach provides the latest state-of – the-art equipment.

Rapid prototyping.

Precision Progressive Dies: for your most challenging metal stamping demands, sipxmach specializes in developing and constructing progressive dies.

At House Die Maintenance: Parts are submitted to our department of quality and information for your documents is registered. We can also create suggestions that may boost die life and enhance your tooling capacity.

Precision Component Assembly: Sipxmach has been specializing in narrow tolerance component job for more than 10 years, maintaining the highest requirements for your precision assembly requirements, including welding, riveting, stacking and any other fastening method.

Precision Tooling and Components: Sipxmach provides a wide variety of tooling services and can meet nearly any demands for tooling components you may have.

Product Design Assistance: With your design specifications, our design technicians will help you and your engineering team. 

Project management: From design to shipping, we handle the entire project.

Other Services: Sipxmach also delivers a wide range of services through our production partnerships, including laser / electron beam welding, laser cutting, coating and plating. All parts and services are certified according to your requirements and approved through our department of quality.


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