Six-Year-Old Dedicates Upcoming Birthday to Giving Back to Her Community


January 13, 2018 – When 6-year-old Annabelle recently learned of her family’s struggle to settle in Australia after fleeing the Vietnam War in 1982, she was inspired to donate her 7th birthday this year to raise money to help other families in a similar situation.

Like many other Vietnamese refugees, the family of 5 came with just the clothes on their backs having escaped the horrors of the Vietnam War. Due to the kindness of strangers, they were able to not only survive, but also thrive. Through kind donations and the generosity of others, the family was able to find a place to live, organise furniture, clothing, and be given the opportunity to create a new life for themselves. “My six-year-old daughter has decided to run a lemonade stand that includes a toy and book swap in order to celebrate her seventh birthday”, Thuy says. “All proceeds from the lemonade stand along with any excess toys and books will be donated to the West Welcome Wagon.”

The charitable event will be held at Jensen Reserve – Cumberland Drive
Maribyrnong, a local park with meaning to the family. “She has been planning the event for the past six months and this is something I’m looking to encourage in her as I think it’s very important for kids to develop the skills and confidence to have a dream and pursue it,” Thuy, an entrepreneur, says. As the daughter of Vietnamese refugees, Thuy watched as her parents gritted through settling in a new country where they did not speak the language or have any skills to pave a new life for themselves and for their four children.

This gave her the drive to give all students the opportunity to obtain a high quality education through her company Spectrum Tuition, even helping many students earn scholarships or places at select entry schools when a place would have previously been out of reach. Now, nearly 17 years later with multiple campuses around the Melbourne area and an impending franchising model in 2018, Thuy believes students are facing a brand new challenge.

“When my daughter graduates high school, the world will be a completely different place. With the rise of technology, many jobs and industries will not have been invented yet and my aim is to prepare my daughter and other children for this future workforce,” Thuy says. “This is why I created Yellow Brick Code, a kids’ school holiday coding camp to teach the fundamentals of coding to give kids the opportunity to build their own products, games and learn the skills to prepare them for the future.”

“Students will develop their school-based skills during the school term at Spectrum Tuition, while we will spend the school holidays building on our entrepreneurial skills,” Thuy says. “In the future, we aim to teach students to market their programs and apps that they build, learn graphics design, digital marketing, websites, and e-commerce stores.” In the meantime, she will support her daughter’s efforts to help other kids and their families who need a fresh start.

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