Smart Bracelet Measures Physical and Mental Health and Establishes Compatibility with Friends


TAIPEI, TAIWAN – 01-18-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Trio is the world’s first smart bracelet that measures physical activity, manages health, and guides the wearer throughout the day to achieve optimum mental, social and emotional health. In addition, Trio can help a wearer establish compatibility with friends, colleagues and potential partners.

Trio measures a wearer’s ECG, heart rate and blood pressure, and records the values and saves them for future reference. It uses the data to ensure the wearer’s health, reminding them to take a minute to relax and recharge, and engage with coherent breathing exercises to reduce stress and fatigue levels and lower blood pressure.Stress and fatigue are known to generate a number of free radicals in the body. These free-radicals destroy cells and impact on health and the immune system. Moreover, pressure and tension contribute toward increased blood pressure. Trio will, therefore, aid in achieving optimum health and could help prevent disease. The user accesses the Coherent Breathing exercises via the app by entering the Breath Training page and placing their finger on the bracelet’s electrode pad on the screen. Trio’s WynHeart App is available for iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 phones.Trio records physical exercise, tracking every movement and calculating calorie consumption. It vibrates to alert the wearer to an incoming call or message. At night, Trio monitors sleep to help users better understand their sleep patterns and achieve a higher quality of sleep. The sleep aid breathing program helps the user to fall asleep and achieve deeper sleep to better equip them for the day ahead. Instead of an alarm, Trio provides a silent vibration function for gentle waking.“Trio enables the wearer to gain a thorough understanding of their health status and make adjustments accordingly,” explains William Sung. “While most smart bracelets focus on fitness tracking, Trio accounts for stress and emotional welfare as well.”Trio’s SoulMatch is described as a soul-matching function. It analyzes the user’s heart rate variability (HRV) to establish the state of the autonomic nerves. Trio tests the psychic fit between a user and their friends enabling the wearer to measure compatibility, expand their social circles and find buddies.Wyncor, the makers of Trio specialize in Artificial Intelligence analysis on ECG arrhythmias analysis. The data that Trio collects is uploaded to the Cloud to produce accurate health reports using machine learning and artificial intelligence calculations. The data is encrypted to keep it safe and the user can access it with a password and download it or grant access to someone else, such as a health professional.The third-generation smart bracelet is available in four colors during the crowdfunding stage, although Trio can be worn with any watch strap. The colors are Light Khaki, Fashion Blue Rose Pink and Baby Pink.To find out more, visit the Indiegogo page here:

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