Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Kool Cal Releases Debut Single “With You”


ATLANTA, GEORGIA – 12-25-2017 (Press Release Jet) — When saxophonist Kool Cal began preparing to record and ultimately release his Smooth Jazz single With You (feat Romeo Johnson), he envisioned exactly how he wanted to do it. In Kool Cal’s own words “First and foremost it has to be smooth. I can remember the day very clearly February 10, 1978 falling in love with jazz when I heard a song by the legendary Ronnie Laws as he performed it live on Burt Sugarman’s TV Show Midnight Special and the song was “Friends and Strangers” and it touched my heart almost bringing me to tears,” he says. “I had just broken my leg a few months before playing football and I was still wearing a cast but I moved as fast as I could on my crutches to our living room where my Dad (Calvin Scott, Sr.) and I kept our musical instruments to grab my saxophone and begin learning the tune by ear. At that time I was only 13 years old and had only been playing the saxophone for a year and a half but I was more advanced than most other kids my age in band class due to growing up in a home with my Dad who was a lifelong musician and former Atlantic Records and Stax Records recording artist.”

“For the most part during those early years I wasn’t attracted to traditional bebop nor straight ahead jazz so I leaned more towards R&B instrumentals and songs I heard daily on the local radio stations. I’d listen to see what were the most popular R&B based songs on the radio then go and learn the song by ear then write down the notes on manuscript paper.” This new single WITH YOU meets Kool Cal’s very first criteria in that it is definitely on the smooth side.

Kool Cal also knew who he wanted to hire to accompany him on this new song. “I remember years ago booking a recording session to lay some horn tracks just to get a feel for the sounds I heard in my head to get my ideas recorded and my session was right behind another recording session of a singer/songwriter/musician/vocalist/professional vocal coach named Romeo Johnson. I arrived about an hour early and I overheard his recording session with a music producer named Anthony “Tony” Bennett and I was just blown away by his voice that I knew right then and there he was the singer I would call on to hire to do the vocals for my song. A few months later I attended a live concert in Atlanta and I heard an amazing talented and awesome drummer named John “Lil Jon” Roberts and I knew I also had to hire him to set the tempo and groove like only Lil Jon can do. I definitely feel that I was extremely lucky enough to have both of them on my song. 

With You (feat Romeo Johnson), recently released under the record label Just Good Music Group based out of Atlanta, Georgia, brings a very unique, cool, and refreshing sound to the Smooth Jazz listening audience. For starters, the cast includes Romeo Johnson (Vocal Coach for first 4 seasons on the very popular NBC TV show The Voice), drummer Lil Jon Roberts (One of the most sought after Jazz and R&B Drummers of his generation that has recorded and toured with everyone under the sun), and the very talented keyboardist and producer Anthony “Tony” Bennett. This song was created from the heart and soul of Kool Cal along with many personal touches and talents of the musicians that all combined together to create a match made in heaven. 

“I had a lot of confidence in all of these musicians. Each of them brought what they do best and the results can be heard in the song. Though we never rehearsed together the music just came together as if we had practiced for hours together.”

Kool Cal, though he may be a new name on the Smooth Jazz scene, has actually been a saxophonist, musician, and songwriter for over twenty years. “My parents always told me to have a backup plan and my plan was a career in Information Technology (IT). Though IT working to keep global networks safe for multiple corporations keeps a roof over my head and food on the table my heart has always been and still is music.” Music can touch your heart and emotions in ways that only music can do. 

“I’ve always strived to achieve the goal of touching the heart, mind, and soul of the listener and if I’ve done that I’m satisfied” says Kool Cal. “I’m constantly always learning and trying my best not to sound like any other saxophonists you’ve already heard though it’s hard when I’ve been influenced by so many legendary saxophonists like Ronnie Laws, Stanley Turrentine, Michael Brecker, David Sanborn, Kirk Whalum, Wilton Felder (Jazz Crusaders), Marc Russo (formerly of the Yellow Jackets), and Lenny Pickett (formerly of Saturday Night Live SNL band famous for closing theme Waltz in A). I look forward to a day in the future that people can recognize my sound just like I recognize so many other household names in jazz from the very first note they play. I’m constantly working to improve my sound and writing skills.” 

Keep your eyes and ears open to hear Kool Cal’s smooth jazz tune With You on your local jazz station(s) and if they’re not already spinning it call them and let them know you would like to hear it so that others may also experience this new smooth, cool, sultry, sexy soul smooth jazz sound. There’s more music to come along with an album so stay tuned. 

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