Spendata Offers No-risk Spend Analysis for $699 a year


BOSTON, MA – 01-31-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Powerful Spend Visibility without Costly Contracts or IT-controlled Investments

With the introduction of its browser-based spend analysis tool, Spendata lowers the barriers for any size organization to save money with value-producing spend analyses.  In addition to its disruptive pricing, the Company offers important technological and usability advantages for business users and analysts alike. These include :

  • More Agile Data Exploration. Spendata removes encumbrances such as fixed data hierarchies and rigid data structures imposed by data warehouses and BI-based systems.   
  • Simplified Data Prep. Spendata demystifies the analysis process with step-by-step tutorial videos, as well as offering quick-start assistance for those who want a jumpstart.
  • Total Data Security. Because Spendata users’ data never leaves their machines, risks associated with the transmission and remote storage of sensitive data are eliminated. 
  • Data Independence. With ease-of-use and low cost of ownership, business users and purchasing groups can now have total control over their spend data with zero dependence on third parties.

Spendata CEO, Eric Strovink, stated, “We love the moment when a prospective user realizes that Spendata is dramatically better than other solutions, yet it’s also inexpensive, secure, and simple to use. Because of its unique agility, Spendata opens avenues for cost savings, such as P*Q invoice-level analysis, that are available nowhere else.”

Sourcing consulting firms are using Spendata to power new spend analysis programs, and reverse-engineer and revitalize legacy datasets — and to differentiate themselves from competitors by giving clients full access to the tool. Businesses who could neither afford the disruption nor the expense of a spend analysis initiative now have a no-risk option that returns value quickly and can be tailored to fit their needs and their organizations.

About Spendata

Spendata is the first truly do-it-yourself spend analysis system. Achieve risk-free spend visibility and improved compliance without requiring investments in IT infrastructure, contracts, or software. 

Spendata founders are industry innovators whose mission is to make powerful spend analysis solutions that are agile, inexpensive, and accessible to business users. The company was named to the 2018 Spend Matters 50 to Watch Almanac. 

Media Contacts:

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Website: www.spendata.com

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