Staff Timer(R) turns to Shufti Pro(R) for a secure KYC and on-boarding solution


December 30, 2017 – BATH, United Kingdom – Shufti Pro®, an emerging name in the digital identity verification milieu, announced today that Staff Timer®, a proficient, striving and speedily succeeding venture has decided to affiliate with them for their exceptional digital identity and document verification services and reduced on-boarding time.

Staff Timer® took up the services of Shufti Pro® since it launched this October. From the very beginning, Staff timer® has developed a strong and legitimate client-base, with Shufti Pro’s® time and cost efficient on-boarding process. Moreover, the venture’s customers have developed a reliant professional relationship with them owing to the ensured client-consumer confidentiality and sound security protocols.

The rising venture is on its way to become a hallmark in the field of team and time management, monitoring productivity levels of employees, tracking time/resources dedicated to each individual project, etc. The collaboration of Staff Timer® with Shufti Pro® has made the prior more cautious in customers it takes on board as well as the employees it hires. All of applicants and customers have to go through e-KYC via Shufti Pro’s identity verification app. They are asked to verify themselves in real-time, before any further processing can be performed. Dubious individuals are stamped out within 30 seconds and the company remains safe from potential fraudsters.

CEO, Staff Timer® said:
“There has been a spike in the number of customers within a short span of time due to the reliable and efficient fraud protection services by Shufti Pro®. Our services are reaching new levels of speed, i.e. 90% time reduction in customer on-boarding, cost and time effectiveness, and our company’s progress charts see perpetually increasing slopes. We hope to continue working with Shufti Pro® and form a mutually beneficial rapport.”

Staff Timer® aims to track its company’s progress through instant screen captures, snapshots of the employees’ computer screens at fixed intervals and live video streaming of their screens as well. Not only this, the venture’s most distinguished feature consists of automatic categorisation of these images into various categories based on their nature. They achieved this through artificial intelligence and machine learning, and aim to keep a record of the time spent on various activities during the office working hours.

Shufti Pro® has enabled Staff Timer® to know who they are dealing with in their daily business routines. Be it their clients or employees, the SaaS’s Know Your Customer (KYC) services are being used to authenticate both so the company remains secure from the inside as well as from the outside. This marks a remarkable move on behalf of Staff Timer® and their customers, who can also benefit from Shufti Pro’s® services to make online business world secure and safe from frauds.


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