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United States, New York, New York – 12-17-2019 ( — One company’s mission to create $1 billion in scholarships

How do we solve the $1.5 trillion student debt problem? By convincing companies to put a small fraction of their $333 billion digital ad spend to fund scholarships.  

“Over the past few years, we have persuaded many companies to allocate some of their ad budget to fund scholarships,” said Peter Corrigan, CEO of The University Network (TUN). “It’s been a win-win for companies and students alike, but given the ballooning student debt problem, we decided that we had to step up our game to make it easier for companies to start a scholarship. So, we created a tool that lets anyone start a scholarship within 90 seconds for free.”

TUN’s free Scholarship Creation Tool can be used by companies of every size. To create a scholarship, all that’s required is 90 seconds to answer a few easy questions online — how much they want their scholarship to be worth and who’s eligible to apply. From there, they can choose from a list of 500-word passion-based essay prompts or create their own. Finally, they enter in their name, website and email address, and voilà, the scholarship is made. 

“It’s our goal to create $1 billion in new scholarships,” Corrigan said. “So, we needed to make the process simple. I know the number sounds crazy, but advertisers are spending $333 billion a year just on digital marketing. Putting less than one-third of 1 percent of their digital budget into scholarship programs doesn’t seem to be too big of an ask, particularly when scholarship programs have a better ROI than most digital marketing. ” 

Setting up a scholarship with the tool requires students to write a 500-word essay about their volunteerism, sustainability, leadership or passion. 

“While accomplishments on the playing field and in the classroom account for most scholarship awards today, why not also reward volunteerism, sustainability, leadership or individual talents and the desire to pursue them?” Corrigan said.

Once a scholarship is created and reviewed by TUN’s editorial team, the scholarship will be immediately discoverable in TUN’s Scholarship Search Engine and shared with students. Companies that offer scholarships will be helping themselves. Scholarships are an effective marketing strategy — they have been known to increase customer loyalty, enhance SEO, improve digital footprints and serve as an opportunity to broadcast a company’s values. About The University Network The University Network’s core mission is to help students through every step of their college experience — from application to commencement. TUN’s resource content helps students navigate their higher education path. TUN News reports on sustainability, technology and other positive stories students care about. TUN’s Scholarship Search Engine helps students find scholarship money to pay for their education. TUN’s student discount program helps students find discounts at more than 18,000 retail and online stores. TUN’s Student Save Engine helps students save on everything they purchase. TUN’s School Analysis Tool helps students make better decisions. TUN’s Textbook Search Engine helps finds the cheapest textbook prices from thousands of book sellers in seconds. TUN’s job board helps students find internships, part-time jobs and volunteer opportunities.To learn more about TUN or access its free resources, go to

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