UKRAINE – 11-14-2019 ( — A startup company called SubBreather has launched a brand new unique diving gear that allows one to dive without necessarily carrying the air tank system on their back. The near diving gear on the market has been equipped with innovative product technology making it compact and easier to use for sports, science, bottom maintenance, plastic ocean cleanup, rescue activities and business needs. 

Perhaps the best way of comparing the innovative diving gear is the auto-motive industry. Almost 100 years ago, there are few people who would drive a car, since you needed to know technical details. Such include how it works, numerous actions you needed to carry out to start it and its complicated refueling system. Few of us would be drivers at that time.  However, in our modern society, you only need to push a button and drive. As compared to the diving industry, the field remains underdeveloped with no changes. Since 1943 when Aqualung was invented, there no big changes in logistics and infrastructure. Air-tanks are heavy, require booking, paying for rent and refiling. A diver spends 5 times more time on preparation than diving. SubBreather is a diving gear that seeks to resolve all these long time diving problems. 


Emphasizing on the need for mobility and efficiency in the diving industry, the CEO said;


“We are living in a fast, mobile and limitless world. We are “right-now-people”. And it is a blue ocean in diving infrastructure for SubBreather. Even to teach diving will be easier with SubBreather! We want this to be accessible and understandable for people who do not understand what is happening in the world of diving. ” 


Tank refilling and the sophisticated logistics process in getting the air system is a common issue that discourages divers from pursuing their passion. The SubBreather resolves all these issues and gives you the freedom to carry out your diving without any worry. With this new diving gear, you do not need to be worried about prohibitions during airplane transport since it is ergonomically designed to take less space. 

Nikita Kostohlod, the spokesman of SubBreather team, also challenged entrepreneurs to follow the example of SubBreather and come up with products that solve problems taking place in the 21st century. He said, 

“As entrepreneurs, we need to resolve the 21st century problems by using new approaches.  We realized that comfort, freedom and safety are important for a diver. We discovered that the present air-tanks system used for recreational diving up to 10 meters is heavy, requires booking, paying for rent and refiling. Furthermore, you cannot carry it on the plane if you are traveling due to prohibitions. We thought there must be a better way. After doing our research and prototyping, we present to you the SubBreather, which solves the key problems of every diver: cost-efficiency, logistics, safety, and comfortable underwater exploration. SubBreather is created by divers for divers. This is the most comfortable diving system that every diver needs.” 

SubBreather supports the diving up to 12 meters (40ft) deep diving. The floating system stays on the top of the water, as a buoy, and pumps the air to the diver through a hose. It is also simple to set up less than in 1 minute and it is usually charged for 4 hours before use from 220/110/12V grids. With the SubBreather, you have the freedom of diving anywhere and you can enjoy the diving for up to 90 minutes. 

The startup has announced that it will further their project through a crowdfunding activity. For more details about their new product, you can visit their Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or website


About SubBreather

SubBreather is a start-up company that is driven with the mission of making diving comfortable and easy. The history of SubBreather goes back to 2017 when the idea of a real operating unit, floating on the surface and providing the diver with pure air and unpolluted breath was born. It was quite difficult for the idea to be realized. After years of tests and improvements, the new SubBreather was developed. The company seeks to make more of this equipment as a way of providing divers with freedom and comfort. It is currently seeking to raise capital through crowdfunding to realize its mission. 

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