GLEN ROCK, YORK COUNTY, USA – 10-09-2019 ( — A new company that seeks to make the planet greener by balancing profit and non-profit business needs has been launched in Glen Rock, York County 17327. It was initially launched in Twickenham, Middlesex, UK. The company called GotGreenNotGreed LLC seeks to build an attractive planet through its popular mission of AttractionNaction

 As a way of realizing its mission, the company seeks to raise resources to be used to carry out humanitarian activities in different parts of the world. Through its popular platform Angel Investment Network, investors from different parts of the world can pull resources together to make the mission possible.  It has also partnered with a number of startup companies in North East USA that are focused towards making the earth greener through their technological innovations and products.  Speaking during the launch of the company, the founder Edward Heffner, emphasized that GotGreenNotGreed LLC seeks to give hope by helping people to help the planet: 

“Our missions to help people in under-developed countries are more important than our products. We shall give hope to those without it, and cast smiles where none were known, all due to our co-founder. We seek to not only provide clean drinking water but seeds for food. To not only provide schooling but education of the natural ways of healing through herbal medicine. To not kill horses because they can no longer be used for racing but give them a new purpose. To provide earth friendly transportation to schoolhouses by way of horse and buggy. To provide electricity and light to those who have none through solar and our own green products that utilize earth friendly graphene. To help save the rain forest with all its beneficial plants to mankind.” 

 The founder of the company, Mr. Edward Heffner is an electrical project engineer. Mary Hamel, the co-founder is a professional permit and travel assistant agent. In addition to these two, GotGreenNotGreed LLC is made up of a strong management team of eleven people who have a vast experience working in different industries. These people will push the mission of the company forward.  Since the company began, it has launched a number of eco-friendly products. One of the latest products launched by the company is the Gwiz Genie that can be used to charge phones without the use of cords or electrical wall outlets. The Gwiz Genie recharges itself up to 1 million times! This new product is incorporated with the latest technologies to make it more convenient to use. It has 15 different modules that you can connect to it such as the facial module to remove wrinkles or the screw-on head that has the ability to sterilize water at any time. Edward Heffner praised the product due to its multi-functionality: 

“The Gwiz Genie is an exciting opportunity due to the unlimited growth potential in so many markets and its unlimited expandability from camping, hiking, disaster relief, skin care, survival equipment, etc.” 

One can participate in our mission of making the planet a better place by becoming an investor, or partnering with us as an entrepreneur.  About GotGreenNotGreed LLC GotGreenNotGreed LLC is a company whose mission is to create a greener environment through the creation of eco-friendly products. The company has partnered with other companies in order to realize its mission of making the planet a better place. We are located in Glen Rock, York County 17327. 

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