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LANCASTER, UK – 01-07-2019 ( — “The bath is back,” says Sam Cassidy of Steam Shower Store “although it never really went completely away.”.It’s true that the bath has recently been taking something of a back seat in 21st-century bathrooms, as people have focused on squeezing every last bit of storage space out of ever-smaller homes. Now, however, growing numbers of people have started to take the view that they would rather have less stuff and more experiences and so the bath has been making a comeback, although, interestingly, it isn’t displacing the shower.

In an ideal world, many people would like both a bath and a shower
Ultimately, bathing and showering offer two different experiences of getting clean. Bathing is all about just lying back and wallowing in warm water. Showering can also be relaxing, but, at the end of the day, a large part of the reason why showers are so space-efficient is that they’re designed to be used vertically, in other words, you stand or sit in them, but you don’t lie down in them. Most of the time, this is not an issue since, let’s be honest, for most people most of the time the priority will be to get clean and get moving as quickly as possible, but some of the time it’s nice to have the option just to lie back, relax and enjoy the many health benefits of hot water.
The over-bath shower has taken on a whole new level of meaning
When over-bath showers first arrived on the scene, they really weren’t all that impressive. In fact, about all they were really good for was either cleaning out the bath after a particularly sudsy bathtime, but, with life being what it is, people often found themselves using them for quick washes when they were in a hurry and when over-bath shower manufacturers worked out this was happening and that there was, actually, a fairly significant market for their products, they set about improving them. That process is still ongoing only now the term “over-bath shower” can mean anything from a more modern (and efficient) version of an old-school, over-bath shower to a full-on steam shower with hydrotherapy jets, placed on top of a whirlpool bath, to provide the best of both worlds.
Steam showers bring the many benefits of steam to private bathrooms
While the health benefits of steam have been known for hundreds of years, for most of history only the truly rich could have steam treatments in their own homes. Everybody else had to go to public facilities. Even after indoor bathrooms became standard, it still wasn’t possible for the average family home to have steam facilities because the plumbing just wasn’t up to it and even if it had been, a steam generator would have eaten up a chunk of space in a domestic bathroom and potentially been a safety hazard. Now, however, household plumbing is much improved and steam generators have become smaller and safer, as a result, it’s now entirely feasible for even the smallest bathrooms to have steam showers.
Whirlpool baths combine the benefits of hot water and massage
Baths are about taking life in the slow lane and giving hot water the chance to ease body and mind. Whirlpool baths add in the extra element of massage for an even better health and wellness experience. They are especially recommended for anyone dealing with mental conditions such as stress or physical conditions such as sports injuries or other forms of joint or muscle pain. They are also very useful for people who have sluggish metabolisms, such as older people, or people who are feeling under the weather.

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