Steep Rise of Sales in Vinyl Panels to Food Processors Driven by Increased Compliance Needs


United States, California, Los Angeles – 08-15-2019 ( — Food processors all over the country have been using Duramax Trusscore vinyl wall panels as their solution for waterproof wall paneling and sanitary walls. As building codes require food processing rooms to be waterproof and hygienic, businesses have been looking for easy and affordable ways to implement this.  

“We’ve seen our vinyl wall panels sales to food processors double over the last year,” said sales manager Mike Wight.  

Duramax Trusscore is building a large network of contractors who are converting from FRP panels to vinyl wall panels due to its simplicity and cost effectiveness. Duramax has seen growing demand.  

The innovation that Duramax Trusscore brought to the industry was not requiring a wooden backer or adhesive to install these wall panels. Being ½ inch thick, these wall panels are screwed directly into the studs without needing anything else. Another aspect was the interlocking technology that each panel has, which provides a seamless surface and eliminates any need for trim between panels.  

“I chose Duramax Trusscore for the built-in anti-mold inhibitors… The product also allows for effortless installation that saves time, money, and labor,” said Greg from Elite Builders Construction LLC.

Vinyl wall panels will eventually take over the water-resistant and sanitary wall panel market. Being one of the largest PVC panel manufacturers in the West, Duramax Trusscore has been the pioneer in educating the food processing industry on how it can benefit from vinyl wall panels. Vinyl wall panels have already been adopted in several industries, such as dairy farms, cannabis growing facilities, food storage warehouses, laboratory cleanrooms, sanitation rooms and carwashes.  

Duramax Trusscore’s team offers free project measurement and quoting. The website ( saves even more time and prevents headaches by assisting you in planning, measuring, and ordering with the online calculator and shop. Being headquartered in Los Angeles, domestic orders arrive within a week. Not only do vinyl wall panels install faster, but the entire ordering and shipping process is faster as well. Save time and money with Duramax Trusscore.

Get a free quote or sample delivered today. Call 323-238-6018 for more information. Don’t miss out on the exclusive 10 percent discount for wall panels being offered until the end of August!

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