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Getting the right people talking about your brand is one of the best ways to improve brand recognition, expand your customer base, and ultimately drive more sales. provides news distribution and social communication solutions to public relations, investor relations and marketing professionals who represent companies of all sizes, from startup to Fortune 500. By sharing market-moving, direct-from-source information with media, investors, social networks and consumers anywhere in the world. This is what does. If you submit a press release to, they will be playing a centric role in connecting you with news consumers. is an integrated press release and social communication platform by content creation, media targeting, distribution, and analysis. Powerful built-in tools help you identify your audience and their online communities and improve targeting the new customers, so you can create and share more impactful content through traditional and social channels. Post-distribution analytics extend beyond traditional reporting to give you in-depth insight into audience sentiment and engagement. Along with the highest return on investment and lowest plan rates in the industry to submit a press release through allows you for unlimited words and multimedia, letting you write a good solid story and add the most compelling visuals—all without worrying about spending too much money.

Years of expertise, skills and expert resources of will help you by identifying your audience and monitoring how they talk about your brand and your industry, gives you valuable information that can affect all marketing initiatives, and even the future of your company. Along with all that, also engages your brand with the top rated social media influencers. Engaging with social media influencers takes time and attention, but it can pay huge dividends in highly credible buzz about your brand, increased sales, new customers and customer segments.

One thing that doesn’t change is that there’s no substitute for good relationships to drive loyalty and advocacy. Effective marketers are using measurement tools to keep their pool of audiences fresh, understand how those audiences are talking about their brand, and continue to grow their network. To do all this on your own is going to be a very time consuming and complex job for you. You just have to submit a press release through; the leader in press release distribution industry will make sure you get your desired results and you can check the details of your distribution by getting the analytic reports for your press release and depending on your newsworthiness, you might get featured in New York Magazine, Forbes, Bloomberg news and much more.

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