SunDay – Innovative Vitamin D Monitor and UV Scanner for Children


Armenia, Yerevan, Yerevan – 04-07-2019 — Heuristic Innovations LLC, a software development company that specializes in image detection and processing technologies, announces the launch of their iOS mobile app – SunDay.

Following a successful beta version of the SunDay app which tested the technology in action, the new version offers a more precise, reliable and interactive way for parents of young children to track and manage their kids’ vitamin D intake. The redesigned app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices for free.

SunDay is a health and lifestyle mobile app that plans to change the way parents manage their children’s vitamin D intake. Specifically, the goal is to help parents reduce usage of supplemental vitamin D sources, such as medication and nutritional supplements, instead to make use of natural vitamin D by spending time outside in the sunlight.

With the app, parents can learn about the UV index for their precise location, know how much vitamin D is produced while their kid is in direct sunlight and compare it to average daily IU value, time the session in order to avoid sunburn and damaging the skin.

Contrary to popular belief, vitamin D can be produced even during cloudy weather when it is not even visually clear where the sun is located. SunDay UV scanner has it covered. With the use GPS location and taking into account several other factors, SunDay knows how much vitamin D is produced even during overcast days.



The SunDay app features

* An innovative new way to track vitamin D intake for children

* Solar UV scanner (which doesn’t require any additional equipment)

* Sun finder for overcast days when the sun isn’t visible

* Sun timer that tells how long to stay in the sun

* Daily, weekly and monthly vitamin D IU goals

* Child profile customization for increased precision

* Sun safety, vitamin D and health tips for parents

* Daily data tracking stored only locally on each device

* Daily reminders and challenges



How it all started

The team behind SunDay consists of leading industry professionals, such as scientists, medical consultants, software developers, designers, analysts, quality assurance specialists and other representatives of the digital product development field. But more importantly in this context, the team includes many young parents and, in some cases, parents who faced a problem when it came to their children’s vitamin D levels.

Equipped with necessary knowledge and insight, they focused on building a tool that would let them and their families to accurately and easily measure UV strength and determine how long to stay out with their children in order to complete daily prescribed vitamin D amount. It wasn’t long before they realized that the problem is so widespread, that in fact over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from vitamin D insufficiency.

With the child health care issue in mind, the team designed the app and packed it with additional features that not only will let manage and track vitamin D and scan UV, but also will make the process fun and engaging, turning it into habits that are crucial to every kid well-being.

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