Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 Receives Most Innovative Performance Product Award


WILLOWBROOK, IL – 12-18-2018 ( — Great Lakes Auto Corporation, the innovation leader in automotive performance chips, today announced that its Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 was named a winner of Automotive Zone Industries 2018 Community Choice Awards and the 2018 Best Innovators Awards. The respective honors came despite stiff competition from many other manufacturers and Great Lakes Auto is once again proud to be at the top. 

“The 2018 Community Choice Awards had a record number of entries this year. Hundreds of products were nominated by our audience of automotive professionals,” said Darren, editorial strategy director. “The Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 evens the playing field by optimizing performance factors and allowing for greater power and engine life. We counted only those votes accompanied by a valid and unique email address and ID, thereby preventing multiple entries per person. Our winners have earned a unique honor to stand out among their peers as winners of our Community Choice Awards.” 
The Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 is a solution for achieving greater vehicle performance without the need to spend an unnecessarily large amount of capital. resulting performance has been tested and reported by thousands of vehicles and has guaranteed to be fully safe. Through ECU communication, the chip is able to account for a various number of factors to optimize and deliver a great deal of added performance. Through the tuning of the Engine Control System, Supreme is able to help protect and extend the life of the engine. The patented plug-and-play technology allows for instant installation without the need for tools or automotive experience. To purchase a Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 exclusively on eBay, simply visit to find the chip compatible with your vehicle.
Given the chance to select a product in a category that was made specifically for this year’s cutting edge performance solutions, 74.2 percent of respondents selected Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 as their easy-to-install solution of choice. According to Automotive Performances Review, “Supreme’s performance optimizing characteristics seems to have a big following, having garnered more than three-quarters of the vote in this category. The considerable performance boost and engine protection is a combination that consumers are showing a great propensity for”.
“We’ve enjoyed a nice run here lately,” said a Great Lakes Auto representative Chad. “It´s a real honor to receive this type of recognition. Our efforts to provide consumers with top-quality performance solutions for their everyday needs have clearly paid off, and we are proud of the fact that we continue to receive such prestigious distinction.”
About Supreme Performance Chip 4.0
The Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 is the leading performance optimizing module with a patented programming algorithm which has been proven to outperform all other modules in the market. The module works by simply plugging into a vehicle OBD port and communicating and optimizing the Engine Control System to safely and effectively tune the vehicle. With dynamic algorithm specified for each specific year, make an model, the Supreme Performance Chip is the most comprehensive solution for quick and efficient performance gains. 
About Great Lakes Auto Corporation
Great Lakes Auto Corporation is the innovation leader in solutions for automobile performance optimization, engine sustainability and vehicle tuning. By performing hundreds of rigorous tests on each of their products, Great Lakes helps everyday auto owners safely and efficiently optimize their vehicle’s in a way never before seen. Tens of thousands of customers worldwide use Great Lakes product, including the most savvy and discerning automobile enthusiasts. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Willowbrook, Illinois, Great Lakes Auto sells its products directly and through a select global network of channel partners, including eBay. For more information please visit the company’s website at:
For further information:[email protected], 625 Plainfield Road, Willowbrook, IL, 60527, +1-708-369-8280
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