SurveySparrow launches free self-help portal to stay connected in the fight against the Coronavirus outbreak


United States, California, Palo Alto – 03-17-2020 ( — Palo Alto, March 17, 2020: SurveySparrow, a cloud-based customer experience platform, announced a six months free survey product for organizations with an exclusive COVID-19 self-help portal & ready-to-use form catalog to help connect employees with organizations in the fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. With this offering, SurveySparrow intends to help state, local governments, NGOs, employees, and individuals to communicate with organizations effectively.

As new cases of Coronavirus continue to emerge every day, most organizations are shifting to remote working, leading to major communication gaps between individuals and teams.  In this fast-moving public health crisis impacting individuals in over 100 countries, it is essential to act on the feedback from individuals who drive an organization’s businesses. SurveySparrow is providing free accounts with an exclusive self-help portal and ready-to-use forms. Through this portal, SurveySparrow intends to keep everyone connected even when employees and community members are physically miles apart, creating safe work environments and conditions for productivity. From mapping travel history to volunteer registration, employees can now request isolation and register their travel history, check corona score, etc. using the portal for free. Each form template is carefully curated and has already pre-filled questions. Any element of these surveys can be customized to better match the organization’s requirements, including adding your own questions. The website eases the data collection process & helps ride this crisis safely by providing regular and important, fact-based updates. Organizations like, Human Appeal, etc. are already using the platform.SurveySparrow is the world’s first online survey software to offer both a conversational and form-like output, increasing survey completion rates by 40%. With a Conversational User Interface (CUI), SurveySparrow lets users create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience. It has a built-in automation that allows organizations to manage customer experience surveys, employee pulse surveys, and market feedback surveys. It serves as a platform for organizations to arrive at meaningful business decisions based on the feedback received. SurveySparrow provides a continuous improvement platform, the first of its kind to close the feedback loop instead of collecting feedback and then forgetting about it. The company also provides customers with best-in-class experience with offline feedback collection and NPS survey solutions. Based in the US, SurveySparrow was founded in October 2017 by Freshworks veteran Shihab Muhammed and ex-Zoho employee Subin Sebastian with offices in Kochi & Palo Alto. SurveySparrow has over 20,000 customers in 108 countries including DiDi, PaySafe, FedEx, Deloitte Digital, SAP, and Siemens. The company raised $1.4 million in seed funding from Prime Venture Partners.Shihab Muhammed, CEO & Co-founder, SurveySparrow said:“As we work as a community to prepare for the impact of COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities are our top priority. The outbreak of COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire across the globe, causing every nation & organization to go into lockdowns and quarantines to keep themselves safe. We want to ensure that organizations are connected with their employees and communities through this exclusive self-help portal and help the state, local governments, organizations, and volunteers dealing with extremely high call volumes looking for help with ready-to-use forms to ride through this difficult time.”Girish Khera, Managing Director, Scientific Animations and Graphics Pvt Ltd said:“Many of the employees in most organizations are now suddenly working from home for the first time. In times like these, we want to preserve the safety of the workforce while assuring companies are providing the same level of functionality and support to all its employees. SurveySparrow’s platform ensures we are getting access to timely, actionable data that a volunteer organization like can use to help businesses and their employees.”About SurveySparrowSurveySparrow is a Palo Alto-based customer experience platform that aims to reimagine the data collection experience. SurveySparrow’s Conversational User Interface (CUI) allows users to create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys. The platform is well-equipped to perform an extensive analysis of the feedback collected to derive meaningful business conclusions.  For more information, please visit Contact:[email protected]

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