SwissOne Capital partners with Blockchain Venture Builder


LONDON – 10-31-2018 ( — SwissOne Capital and SSG Management, two emergent forces in the blockchain space, recently signed a partnership. SwissOne is an asset management firm offering some of the most sensible approaches the crypto market has ever seen.

Unlike competitors, SwissOne boasts decades worth of experience in traditional investment management, as well as significant experience in crypto funds. “We believe crypto holds vast potential for growth and development, and if investors take a professional avenue, crypto can be extremely beneficial to a portfolio. There’s uncorrelated diversity and high performance capability.” said Antony Turner, CEO of SwissOne Capital. “Great ideas deserve the best marketing, and we’re thrilled to have SSG to get the word out.” continued Turner.

SwissOne’s compelling pedigree, combined with SSG Management’s considerable resources, foretells success. SSG is a global venture builder, specializing in marketing exotic technologies. “We partner with businesses dedicated to true innovation, projects that can improve even revolutionize their space. Everyone at SSG believes SwissOne Capital delivers the most evolutionary and compelling route to the crypto market.“ said Haydn Snape, CEO of SSG Management. 


SwissOne’s fully regulated, ultra secure, and traditionally grounded index fund could alter how a new wave of institutional players enter the crypto market. “Investors know that somewhere in the midst of crypto, there’s opportunity. But a lack of security, a surplus of assets, and regulatory threats, muddy that opportunity. SwissOne addresses these issues, so you can be sure you own the future.” said the Creative Director of SSG Management, Adam Singer.


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