T-SHIRT Answers the Call for Low-Profile Protective Body Armor


United States, New York, Syracuse – 05-14-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — The demand for body armor is on the rise. A report released this week said the global body armor market size is expected to reach $3 billion by 2025. And it’s not just military or law enforcement agencies purchasing the products. There’s increased use in the civilian market as well.

 Along with that jump in popularity, users are seeking new options in concealable body armor. The latest must-have product is the ballistic t-shirt. And the aptly named T-SHIRT™ from EnGarde® is a hot commodity. The EnGarde T-SHIRT is a t-shirt style carrier for soft armor panels. It was designed to be easy to conceal for situations where more casual attire is appropriate, such as undercover operations. The advanced Coolmax® Fresh knit fabric means the T-SHIRT carrier can be worn as a foundational garment and the advanced engineering and materials keep the ballistic armor snug against the torso while keeping the wearer cool and dry. “Many of our customers wanted low-profile protection with a little style that does not require an additional undergarment. The T-SHIRT is our answer to that,” explained Edgar Stek, co-founder of EnGarde. “When people think of body armor, they think of members of the armed forces and police officers. Yet, our customers also include private security officers, non-profit organizations like Doctors Without Borders, journalists, and businessmen and women from a variety of industries who work in dangerous areas. The T-SHIRT is proving to be a popular choice across all those customer segments.” “The T-SHIRT may look like your everyday t-shirt but there is a lot of engineering that goes into making sure it’s going to keep wearers safe,” said Iwan Luiten, co-founder, EnGarde. “Those choosing our products are trusting us with a whole lot more than their business – they trust us with their lives. Our whole mission is to protect the lives of those who put themselves on the line defending the rights of others.”
EnGarde was founded in 2003 by Stek and Luiten and is based in the Netherlands. The country has played a key role in the body armor industry, producing and manufacturing the world’s best and most innovative ballistic materials, including DSM Dyneema® and Teijin Aramid. The introduction of the T-SHIRT last November capped off a very successful 2018 for EnGarde. They launched two other new concealable carrier systems and rolled out two new modular tactical carriers to update their current Leopard™ and Panther™ models. “Over the last decade we’ve seen the demand for personal protection and body armor ramp up as security concerns escalate around the globe,” says Luiten. “Advanced engineering and new materials have lowered the weight of personal body armor while improving the comfort and ballistic performance. The T-SHIRT is just the beginning for us in this arena.” For more information, go to https://www.engardebodyarmor.com/.

About EnGarde. EnGarde is an ISO 9001 certified body armor manufacturer based in the Netherlands. With an international network of distributors in more than 30 countries, EnGarde is able to advise and serve customers worldwide. It offers high-quality body armor solutions as well as lightweight hard armor plates, helmets, and bomb blankets.

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