Telebyte Releases World’s First Gfast Multi-Channel Simulators for Production Testing


NEW YORK, USA – 12-11-2018 ( — Telebyte, Inc., the leader in Gfast physical layer test solutions, today announced the release of the world’s first commercially available local loop simulators designed for Gfast production testing. 

Telebyte’s Model 800-8-212-TP100 series of products all feature 8 independent 25m fixed length channels and utilize a passive design with a very low noise floor (of less than -160 dBm/Hz) for realistic, repeatable test results. Versatile connection options allow extension of line lengths by jumpering from channel-to-channel and/or unit-to-unit while a modular design facilitates dense configurations. 

Based upon TP100 wire, these models simulate attenuation, impedance, group delay and DC resistance. 

Provides support for testing Gfast Profile 106, Profile 212 and bonding as well as devices utilizing Reverse Power Feeding.

“It is predicted that 2019 will be the year of Gfast” said Michael Breneisen, President of Telebyte, “Equipment vendors will find our timely solution to be ideal for repeatable Gfast production testing.”

About Telebyte

Telebyte is the recognized leader in Gfast physical-layer test equipment solutions. It is the only company offering a fully automated and integrated Gfast test solution adopted by every major DPU vendor, Service Provider and major CPE vendors. In addition, it is used exclusively by the Broadband Forum’s Gfast Certification Laboratory at UNH-IOL.

Telebyte offers crosstalk emulators, noise generators, local loop simulators, cable farm automation switches, test automation switches, digital analyzers and PLC test devices. Its worldwide customer base includes companies in the Service Provider, DSL equipment manufacturing (DSLAMs, DPUs, CPEs), chipset design, logistics, aftermarket services and test laboratory categories. 

Headquartered in New York State, USA, Telebyte solutions are used for a variety of physical layer testing applications such as rate/reach, qualification, R&D, interoperability, vendor trials and more. 

The primary focus on new development is Gfast test solutions.

Membership: Broadband Forum, DSL Consortium at UNH-IOL, GIGA Wire Alliance, HomeGrid Forum

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