TEMPOW partners with ADG to expand business with China’s leading connected device manufactures


BEIJING AND PARIS – 01-22-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Tempow and ADG jointly announce that Tempow has selected Alliance Development Group (ADG) to accelerate commercial partnerships with China’s global connected device manufacturers such as smartphone OEMs, smart TVs, smart speakers, automotive, ear-bud vendors, and chipset manufacturers.ADG was selected for their 17-year history and deep experience helping western technology companies to successfully expand their business with the China connected device ecosystem.

Tempow is the first independent software specialist of Bluetooth technology, designing software-only scalable solutions for hardware and chipset manufacturers. Tempow provides a complete Bluetooth stack that operates seamlessly across all chip providers. 

“With its unique and advanced Bluetooth streaming and synchronization technology, Tempow has already positioned itself as the leading company in the world improving the Bluetooth experience for smart devices,” said Chris DeAngelis, GM of ADG. “Since we began working with Tempow, we have already seen huge demand from the local China ecosystem for Tempow’s solutions that not only solve some of Bluetooth’s biggest challenges but can really drive unique innovations in an area that has been largely ignored.We can’t wait until consumers experience some of the cool projects based on Tempow’s technology that will launch on consumer devices in 2019.”

Vincent Nallatamby, CEO of Tempow added “ADG was initially recommended to us by one of the leading China-based smartphone OEMs and their track record was quickly confirmed by our VC network.Within weeks of launching our partnership with ADG we were talking directly to the key teams we needed to move the business forward.We are excited where the partnership with ADG is heading.”


About Tempow 

Tempow is a research and design company focused on pushing the limits of Bluetooth technology. Their first product, the Tempow Audio Profile (TAP) is an updated Bluetooth protocol allowing any Bluetooth chip to stream audio on multiple Bluetooth audio outputs simultaneously. It is a 100% software solution, and works with any brand of Bluetooth speaker on any chip. Currently live on Android smartphones, Tempow technology enhances any Bluetooth experience for mobile devices, headphones, speakers, televisions, set top boxes and more. The company closed a significant round of angel investment and signed a global partnership to bring Tempow-enhanced Bluetooth to millions of devices with one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Tempow is headquartered in Paris, France with extended operations in San Francisco, California and Shenzhen, China.

For more information, please visit: www.tempow.com


About ADG

Since 2001, ADG has been a trusted partner for fast growing enterprise and consumer technology companies seeking to engage, partner and develop cross-border partnerships with leading China companies. ADG provides an unmatched platform allowing our clients to accelerate their China efforts by leveraging our professional local China team, extensive relationship network, years of experience and proven best practices. ADG has assisted over 100 leading technology companies with China expansion including category leaders such as Hiya, DriveScale PayPal, The Weather Channel, Silicon Image, Nuance, Canonical, Ubuntu, EyeVerify, Graphite Software, Fleksy, Vlingo, Canesta, Audience, Brightstar, Aiqudo, Netezza, IBM, Intervoice, among many others. 


For more information, please visit: www.alliance-dg.com


Media Contact:

Tempow: Abby Schiller, +1 216-870-1835 / [email protected]

ADG: Liu Qin, +86 10 8440 0228 / [email protected]


Media Contacts:

Company Name: Tempow: Abby Schiller, +1 216-870-1835 / [email protected]
Full Name: ADG: Liu Qin, +86 10 8440 0228 / [email protected]
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.alliance-dg.com

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