Terry Williams Brings Readers’ Faith Closer through His book, “Trusting and Yielding to Him who is Love”


NEW YORK, NEW YORK – 11-29-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

After showcasing his book, Trusting and Yielding to Him who is Love, in AJC Decatur Book Festival and Book Expo America 2016, Terry Williams just recently had a radio and podcast interview in the Modern Living with Dr. Angela. Terry has and does personally experience the divine love of God the Father and he shares pearls of wisdom within his books that will lead anyone to experience God working in every area of their lives as he does Terry’s life,

Terry says, “no one can find or experience the divine wisdom, strength, and power within any relationship they may have with either themselves or other human beings because of the limitations any human can have according to their wisdom and their strength”. Terry explains just as the Word of God lets us know, God is Love, and Love is a being with a nature and character that ultimately drives him to do what he does for those who trust him more than they do themselves just as any 2,3,4,5, year old child would do towards a loving parent. As you read Terry’s book you will find his writings to be very persuasive and no matter if you are a skeptic, atheist, believer, or non-believer, there is something about the message he delivers that could have you wanting to live as Terry does in what he calls divine carelessness. Within this divine carelessness lies the truth that God will and God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, but also he burns with desires to be fully operational and present in our everyday lives working all things to our good because we trust and yield to his wisdom, strength, and power once again as any 2,3,4,5, year old child would do towards their loving parents.Terry lets the reader know that Him who is love(God the Father) desires to be your best friend, protector, deliverer, provider, guide, counselor, advocate, and ultimately have you live a happy, joyous, free, peaceful, purposeful, and oh so powerful life while here on earth.Terry lets the reader also know that Him who is love (God the Father) desires to have a relationship with his children so that he can be involved in every area of his children’s lives.From finances, to relationships, and everything else that makes up the culmination of someone’s life, God the Father desires to be a part of. All that Him (God) who is love asks of anyone for them to be, to do, to become, and to have everything all that the finished work of Jesus accomplished is to trust and yield to him and his will for their life.

Terry’s book includes real-life topics to connect with the readers’ plans, activities, and everyday life. He assures the reader that Him who is love will never leave them, never forsake them, never yell at them, always work all things to their good, show them the way when there seems to be no way, release them from carrying the burdens of their lives, and set them free from any internal or external bondage they may be experiencing. No parent would desire for their children to live in such bondage and God(who is our Heavenly Father) doesn’t desire it either. Anyone’s own strength has the possibilities of failing them and if they trust and yield to the strength of themselves and/or live co-dependently on the wisdom and strength of another human being. Terry says, “We all can be rest assured failure is coming, it is just a matter of when. The solution to never experiencing these types of failures in our lives is to Trust and Yield to him who is Love and that’s one of many reasons.” Terry adds that he and the Lord worked hand in hand to write Trusting and Yielding to Him who is Love and the most jealous parent ever!


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You, Jesus, & The Father

Trusting and Yielding to Him Who is Love

‘The Spirit vs The Flesh

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Listen to the interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/modernliving/2017/11/14/in-the-hands-of-god-with-terry-williams

About the Author

Terry Williams was raised in America. Although his family was not very religious, he always believed in the existence of God, the Creator. He got married and became a father at the age of twenty-four. He now lives in Collierville, Tennessee. He has published several books.

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