The American Way of Life seen from the Foreigners’ Perspective. The funny aspects of living in the U.S.A.


SAN DIEGO – 12-18-2018 ( — This recently released book by Claude Koehl offers humorous and well-observed insights into everyday life in America. Sheds light on what foreigners need to know to avoid culture shock. Inspires Americans to take a fresh look at their own culture. With its clever narrative and beautiful illustrations, the Foreigners’ Perspective is a must-read for anybody interested in the American way of life.

December 16, 2018. Anybody who has travelled to a foreign country knows the unnerving feeling of being suddenly immersed in a foreign culture. Try to imagine moving to an unfamiliar country and having to learn and adapt to a completely new set of local customs and traditions.

This beautifully illustrated coffee-table book (available at Amazon and Apple Books) gives newcomers much-needed insight into formal and informal facets of daily life in the U.S.A, thus helping them avoid embarrassing situations. At the same time, the book highlights the humorous aspects of many American conventions and standards as seen from an outsider’s point of view.

The combination of clear and concise facts along with a sprinkling of humor makes this book a truly enjoyable read. This is a book that covers everything from the imperative to find a familiar cup of coffee to close encounters with cloverleaf ramps, those objects of terror for many new arrivals, whether as drivers or passengers. The idiosyncrasies of everyday American life are brilliantly revealed via the perceptions and experiences of foreigners.

Reader reviews have been phenomenal. This is what a Verified Purchaser from Washington had to say: “Americans frequently write about cultural eccentricities in other countries. The author turns the tables, using humor to spotlight U.S. quirks, often weaving in practical advice on how newcomers can navigate them. This is a sweet read and a great gift for anyone.”

Packed with thought-provoking information, this book not only offers a fresh and amusing perspective on American culture, but it is also a valuable resource for people who are in the business of addressing bias and improving cross-cultural communication.

The author, Claude Koehl, holds a Master’s in Social Psychology, as well as degrees in Teaching, Health Promotion, Human Capital and Organizational Development. She is herself a foreigner with a diverse background and has been working with employees from around the world for over 20 years. This book draws on her own cultural journey, as well as on the experience of the many people she has helped understand and integrate into unfamiliar cultures.

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