The Everest Foundation Stays Fully Committed To Keck School Of Medicine Of USC


United States, California, Los Angeles – 08-27-2020 ( — Since 2013, the Edwin Everest Foundation has pledged $1 million to the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Heading into the upcoming academic year, Dr. Michael Everest, the chair of the foundation, announced that they stay firmly committed to the university, despite the outbreak of COVID-19. With some sources of funding forced to scale back or stop due to the pandemic, Everest felt it was necessary to recommit to the university.

The foundation has enjoyed a strong connection to USC’s medical school since its establishment. It was established to help support research projects performed at the medical school, as well as training. Having a strong commitment going forward will help the program continue to grow and have the opportunities to explore different possibilities.Dr.Edwin Everest was a huge advocate of medical education at the highest level, and he believed that there was no finer university in the Los Angeles area than USC. They are strongly committed to continuing research in the program. They bring in international students every year, looking to broaden their horizons and have a unique opportunity to learn at one of the best schools in the United States.The foundation’s operation mostly comes down to his son, Dr. A. Michael Everest. He is the head of Residents Medical Group as well as the chair of the Edwin Everest Foundation. He felt like this would be the best way to honor his father and give back in ways that help the future generation. Funding at USC helps support international medical graduates in need. It is always tough to put together full financing for specific projects, so every bit helps.Along with this fund at USC, The Everest Foundation has a long history with helping medical universities, residency programs, research programs, foundations, and more. Their primary goal is to help with the overall advancement of medical education at the graduate level based in Los Angeles. The late Everest was a firm believer in continuing education and ongoing learning in the medical field.Committing to the fund for the foreseeable future is something that Agata Everest felt was essential at this uncertain time. Not only has COVID-19 made an impact on students at all universities, but it is particularly difficult for international students to travel to the United States. Funding will likely become a bit more scarce in the next few years, and this could prevent educational opportunities for students out there. Everest hopes that staying strong with the foundation’s commitment will inspire others to do the same.Plans for the 2020-2021 academic year are still currently up in the air at USC. The fund could help with creative learning opportunities and research this academic year that might happen remotely. With new challenges means there will be further expenses, and every dollar spent by the department matters now.Everest believes that everything that the foundation stands for is what he would be doing if he was still here today. The elder Everest was already giving back considerably to a few schools before passing, and he was able to upgrade funding each year. His son believes that he’s continuing the legacy and building opportunities for the next generation. With money to work with, USC has all the resources to stay near the top in medical school rankings. The Keck School of Medicine continues to rate as one of the best medical schools in California and the United States.

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