The highest Astile Cross of the world desired by John Paul II will be hoisted in Cortina (Italy)


Italy – 07-15-2019 ( — The memory of San, Giovanni Paolo ll, and his apostolate in the World. This is the common thread of two initiatives on the calender at Cortina d’Ampezzo wednesday 17 th and thursday 18 th July 2019. A conference and blessing on the site of the Belluno Dolomites. Here will be hoisted a high processional Cross. A Pope passed into the history, also for his passion for long and challenging walks on the mountains in summer and for the descents on skis in winter, to the point that the conference is dedicated to the figure of sporting Pope Giovanni Paolo II, and it is the same Pope Woityla to be depicted, which is the last sculture with one outstretched hand towards God in heaven, the astile cross which he himself had wanted to pay tribute to the city of Rome. It has been forgotten until a Veronese Mirko Zanini rediscovered and purchased to pay tribute to the community of Cortina. Convention. “Giovanni Paolo ll Sportive Pope” is the title of the convention that will start at 6pm Wednesday 17 th July 2019 in the minor Basilica of Cortina, dedicated to the San Filippo and Giacomo, moderated by Don Maurizio Vivani, director of the museum Diocesan in Verona.

Five speakers that will intervene after the greetings of the parish priest of the Basilica Don Ivano Brambilla, Mayor of Cortina Giampietro Ghedina and Mayor of San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona) Attilio Gastaldello. Monsignor Giuseppe Zenti, Bishop of Verona will speak about “Giovanni Paolo II, athlete of God giant of the spirit”. Architect Guido Rainaldi, head of the Vaticans Nervi room will linger on “the sculpture friendly Pope Giovanni Paolo II”. Father Augusto Chendi director of the pastoral care of the Diocese of Ferrara, will analyze the figure of the pontiff as “critical conscience for the world”.

Olymic champion Sara Simeoni will remember her meeting with Pope Wojtyla and finally ma not least the Bishop emeritus of Fidenza, Monsignor Carlo Mazza, chaplain of the Italian team for seven Olymic games will describe “My Olympics in the spirit of Giovani Paolo II”. Astile Cross 18 meters high and unique of this size. The cross was realized by the Roman sculptor Andrea Trisciuzzi, which produced seven other sculptures from 2.20 meters on the indication of Giovanni Paolo II also brought to the North Pole and South Pole and on the Alpine peaks to remember the mandate of Jesus to the disciples “You will be my witnesses to the ends of the Earth”. Symbol of Christianity, the cross remembers the sacrifice of Jesus and above all in the processions.

It surmounts a processional cross, which will be placed on the Belluno Dolomites, is carved a human figure folded on itself and on the stem figures of men climbing towards Christ: a particular interpretation of pain and encounter of people who relieve and share the burden of suffering. The processional cross had been forgotten for years in a basement. Thanks to the resourcefulness and thoughtfulness of Mirko Zanini owner, together with the family of “Pepperone Restaurant Sport & Cafe and sport museum”of San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona) where inside you can admire some relics of San Giovanni Paolo II, was brought to light to the world. A gesture of respect and sharing, above all, the love which Pope Wojtyla nurtured towards the young, as a sign of great solidarity of the Zanini family.

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