The Hope Planner Celebrates One Year Helping Women Invigorate Their Faith and Organize Their Lives


United States, Florida, St. Augustine – 08-01-2019 ( — Hopefuel, publisher of the Hope Planner, an all-in-one Christian planner and prayer journal, celebrates its one year anniversary helping women organize their lives while keeping their faith front and center on Tuesday, August 6, 2019. 

An imprint of Occasions Media Group, Hopefuel happened “by accident” when Heather Vreeland, founder of Occasions Media Group and a graphic designer, set out to design her own daily planner to support her daily Bible study in the same way it could organize tasks and appointments. As the planner provided the constant daily reminder and space she was looking for, she realized that it could be beneficial for other women also.Eleven years into her marriage, after the birth of her son, she was still trying to manage the role as ‘the boss’ in the company she had founded before motherhood and it was all weighing heavily on her.  Vreeland says “I was consumed with exhaustion, self-doubt, and a constant struggle to get-ahead. One day I remember thinking ‘Is this really the life God has planned for me?’ and then it occurred to me in all of these new things in my life, I had left God completely out of them by never spending time in prayer or cultivating my faith through Scripture study.  So, I set out to ‘get back to God’ and used the talents he gave me to do just that.” Vreeland designed the Hope Planner to be more than just a daily planner with Bible verses. Instead, it’s a Christian planner that pairs the functions of a daily planner with the features of a prayer journal through its unique page design. Each daily page is divided between a “devotion” section for Scripture writing and short-form journaling and a “do” section for tasks and appointments.  “This layout makes it impossible to go about each day without noticing if the devotion section is still blank, offering a gentle reminder to spend time in prayer either in the morning before my tasks, or evening after I’ve completed everything on my to do list”  she says. Her hunch about other women paid off too. In 2019, the Hope Planner reached thousands of women in all 50 states of the US and Canada who were on a similar journey to find time for their faith among their daily schedules.  Michelle Silliman says: ”I’m on my second Hope Planner, and I love it! I have plenty of room in the notes section for my devotion notes. I love that there is a spot for scripture and prayer! I also love that the planner is in a beautiful and basic layout, so that I have the opportunity to create the style and look I want!”Rachel Fowler says: ”I have only been using this planner for a week and my husband can already see a difference! I’m up earlier to study, pray, and work through my day – I’m calmer and more on top of things compared to my usual running late and being frustrated first thing in the morning. My kiddos cooperate better when mom isn’t already frustrated because she is late. I know a planner can not do that for me, but God can! This is the best purchase I have made in a very long time! I will definitely be ordering a few more by Christmas!”Halle Mathues says: “I’ve only recently started using the Hope Planner, but I’ve loved incorporating it into what I call my ‘morning soul study.’ High quality paper and cover. I love that it connects my Bible study into productively planning out my days. I also like that it keeps my Bible message close to my to do list, just another little reminder to keep God and His word on your mind throughout the day.”Because of its unique style, the Hope Planner comes undated for six months and also includes cues to meal plan and track daily vitamin, exercise, and water intake. Based on initial feedback from its many customers, The Hope Planner now comes in two custom shades, and expects to expand upon that so that women can enjoy a beautiful collection of well organized thoughts and prayers.  The Hope Planner can be purchased online at

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