THE NATIONAL NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH offers $10 Deadbolt Accessory that stop bump keys, lock picks, pick-guns, landlords, managers and others who can unlock your door.


548 50TH AVE, SWEET HOME, OR 97386 – 09-27-2018 — THE NATIONAL NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH fighting crime across America since 1972 has helped millions protect against burglary. They are now offering Super Grip Lock the patented Deadbolt Accessory that works instantly to stop intruders from unlocking your door at home or when traveling.

Visit the NNW Website at: and see how it works.

Super Grip Lock stops bump keys, lock picks, pick-guns sold online and can open locked doors nearly as fast as a working key. If you rent the landlord, managers and others have your key.

Super Grip Lock is Industry tested, Police endorsed and could save your life. To help spread the word the International Association of Police Chief’s fighting crime since 1897 introduced Super Grip Lock to law enforcement in the Police Chief Magazine.

Police Lt. Bryon 22 year Police Veteran volunteered his home to show the public how Super Grip Lock works to encourage families to protect themselves against intruders who can open locked doors. See his testimony on the Super Grip Lock.Com Website.

Super Grip Lock works instantly: Just attach and wrap as shown. It works on most deadbolts or return it for a full refund or give it to a friend or loved one who rents or lives alone. They make wonderful gifts with EZ reseal pull-tab at bottom of pkg to remove.

We invite you to visit our Website where individuals and businesses can buy wholesale or retail.

Super Grip Lock.Com LLC is happy to provide this life saving information and product: If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ron Moore/CEO

Super Grip Lock.Com LLC

548 50th Ave.

Sweet Home, OR 97386

Phone: 541-378-4533


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