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CENTENNIAL, CO – 03-10-2020 ( — CNP Operating is a leading CBD manufacturer vertically integrated with a 360 approach to the processing of high quality CBD products designed for growers, pharmaceutical, wellness providers, and retailers needs. We provide toll processing services which includes; Extraction, Distillation, Remediation, Isolation and Chromatography.

At CNP Operating we boast on having a professional, organized and dedicated team with 30 years of combined experience. Our state of the art facility GMP and ISO compliant has 30,000 sq.ft filled with proprietary technology distillation equipment, in house lab testing, distribution warehouse and white labelling product formulation and design. CNP Operating offers tours into our facility to show transparency and offer an exclusive social networking and co-working space for CBD professionals to meet fellow industry leaders, discuss the latest trends and technology, and forge the future of the CBD community.


Where to Find CBD Distillate for Sale

Are you looking for CBD DIstillate for sale? Then look no further. At CNP Operating, we create the purest CBD Distillate for sale on the market. If you’re interested in purchasing our touring 

the facilities then make sure to start by contacting us.


CNP Operating Also Produces Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

Full spectrum CBD means that the product you’re buying contains the “full spectrum” of cannabinoids from the cannabis plant rather than just CBD. The difference between full spectrum and cbd is that the full spectrum tends to have a more potent effect because of the multiple cannabinoids working together.

CNP Operating Handles Toll Processing

If you have your own flower but need it processed and turned into CBD Distillate or isolate, CNP operating offers that too. For more information on our toll processing, please visit our website at:

CBD Distillate vs Isolate: What’s the Difference

CBD isolate is a process that isolates the CBD from the cannabis plant. It’s CBD in its purest form and exists in a solid/liquid state depending on the temperature.

On the other hand, CBD Distillate contains all the oils, vitamines, cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins and fatty acids from the cannabis plant with small traces of THC. 

The difference between the two is that the CBD isolate is pure CBD while the CBD distillate contains more than just CBD.


Why Work With CNP Operating for your CBD Manufacturing?

What separates CNP Operating from the other manufacturers, aside from the state of the art facility, is our commitment to educating customers. The CBD industry is rapidly changing because of both our understanding of CBD and because of federal regulations. CNP Operating wants to keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to CBD manufacturing, toll processing, CBD isolate, and CBD distillate. Contact us today to get started.

There are less than a handful of CBD manufacturers in the United States that are GMP and ISO compliant. On top of that, almost none of them have the ability to take raw material and turn it isolate/distillate for you. When you work with CNP Operating, because of our facilities full vertical capabilities, you’ll get the fastest turn around times, the highest quality and the best prices on the market. 


CNP Operating

12742 E Caley Ave

Centennial CO, 80111





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