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Dear, Citizen

I had to ask myself, would our U.S. Senators be willing to be judged by the same standers they are applying to Kavanaugh?So, I called them.  I got “NO COMMENT” from all. Do you know why?  There is a list of members of the house and senate that have settled claims of sexual harassment, and a list of sexual predators that has paid out our tax money to keep it from being known by the American people.  

We have one Senator that formally made a living writing porn books about people having sex, incest, and rape. One Senator, admitting to groping a friend in high school and he then he writes about it in his school newspaper. He says ‘he would never be the same.’ Next we have one stating that Mr. Kavanaugh had to prove he is innocent of the charges. But yet, he claimed he was in the Vietnam War Veteran.  What he actually done was toy drives in the U.S. , never serving a day in Veitnam. This may not seem like much but for us who have been and live with the war every day and night, it’s the war we call STOLEN HONOR. This same Senator went on to say in the hearing, “One thing False all is False” is he ready to be judged by us using this same standard. 

So you ask why is this importation? ‘That’s just the way politicians act.’  These same Senators say if you ever  thought or acted in such a way then you still do as of today. So it that true of them too? I only point out these things to ask should we use the same standard with them. How would they feel, how would their kids feel if we did? So, we watch the greatest moments in our history of statesmanship by our senators. Should we be proud of them? (yeah right). I could write a 10 page list of their behaviors.

What we have watched is our government becoming a JOKE.  

·They are the people that represent you, me and your State. They represent our personnel behavior, our moral views, and actions. Is this how we want to be viewed?  Would you spend money or do business in a State based on the way our Senators are behaving?

·These Senators are the one that have right to make our LAWS. They can pass laws that you have to PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE. “Guilty until proven innocent.”  Is that the standard you want for your son, father, husband, and all members of your family will be judged by? What happened to “Innocent until proven Guilty?”  

The fact that if they are not willing to change their behaviors, it may be time, we the people, put some standards in place for their behavior.

                           THE PEOPLE’S STANDARD for GOVERNMENT BEHAVIOR 

1. Any time they have a citizen under oath, all members of the committee shall be put under oath. 

2. Any time leaked confidential or classified information has been found to come from their office or their staff/personnel they shall be remove from the committee for 6 months. A second offence, they will be barred from the committee for life.  

3. Any time is it found that they put forth false claim or allegations; they shall pay a $250,000.00 fine. The 2nd time $500,000.00; and a 3rd time they be removed from any governmental action other than voting for life on and fined $1,000,000.00.  All Fines shall be directed to child safety, prevention of child porn and child trafficking. ALL FUNDS MUST COME FROM THEIR PERSONAL ASSETS. 

4. Any time a government official lies under oath they will be fined $500,000.00 out of their personal assets.   All complaints shall be investigation by the FBI, unless the offender is federal law enforcement, then is will be investigated by a bipartisan team from congress. 

  I am sure we could come up with ten of them, but this hits the big ones. I bet you cannot get any member of the house or the senator to go for this. If not, what does it say about these officials? Is this what it is going to take to clean up D.C.?  If, we the people push hard for this we might just get back to “Innocent until proven guilty.”  

You say, how do we do this?  Create a citizens committee, composed of a citizen representative from each state, chaired by a committee elected leader, to create a binding schedule of ethical standards for elected officials, including penalties for violation. We must make it where politicians cannot make any changes to it.  Let’s TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT AND HONOR.

 James P. Graham

Citizen USA 


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