The Reason Why the Foreign Student Enrollment in Some Career Colleges Declined


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – 02-27-2019 ( — Although foreign applications have declined, some career colleges are witnessing massive enrollment increases from international students. International student enrollment in conventional colleges and universities in the US took a dip this year. However, there was a slight change this time as career colleges also experienced a decline in international student enrollment. Career colleges come with realistic and easier options for foreigners and US nationals who are encumbered by financial implications of studying and face a future of uncertain job opportunities. 

With the highest rate of post-graduation job placement, career colleges offer a solution to help people with visa challenges. Career college graduates now face fewer hassles getting jobs and securing permanent visas prior to the expiration of their student visa. This encourages a smooth transition process for foreign students, making the shift from student visas to work visas without the lingering air of uncertainty. Nevertheless, foreign student enrollment for career colleges has plunged alongside their traditional post-secondary educational counterparts. However, some career colleges have not experienced this decline. For these colleges international enrollment rates are even rising.

CCI,, decided to unravel the mystery of what is different about these schools, and what the rest are doing wrong. An unofficial online questionnaire was distributed to ascertain why some career colleges are recording massive international enrollments. 

According to Sheila Danzig, executive director of CCI, “What stood out to us about all of these schools is that their application process was seamless. As a non-US student, the application process can be intimidating. A big part of this has to do with the foreign credential evaluation step.”

To enroll in a career college, foreign students need to provide evidence of having the equivalent educational qualification of a US high school diploma. They are required to present their high school certificates as well as the necessary government exam results when enrolling in post-secondary educational institutions in the United States. Potential students are required to present vetted credentials proving that the value of their foreign education is in line with US academic standards. This can be complicated if the institution is not fully established in this kind of admission scrutiny. If this process is clarified, foreign student admissions increase.

CCI sent out another questionnaire asking international students what a clarified application process looks like. The students said that having few questions on the application itself, and a seamless method of having their credentials verified are the key factors to a clarified application process. 

Based on the feedback from these questionnaires, CCI,, now works with career college admissions departments to create a simple application process for each school that makes it easy for foreign students by having all other steps incorporated, including the foreign credential evaluation.

“We hold their hand,” said Danzig, “because we know they are uncomfortable with such an unfamiliar process. It works!” 

CCI also works hand in hand with the admissions department throughout the application process. CCI receives credential evaluation requests straight from the admissions staff as applications come in, and then CCI sends back verified credentials in PDF format in under 48 hours. This way, the process flows. CCI has a long list of career colleges they work with every day.. 

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