The Sea Of Commerce Usher In A New Dawn, Oeanc Achieve A Qualitative Leap


As we all know, maritime trade is a pivotal part of world trade. 90% of the bulk commodities are done through marine trade. However, the actual situation is not optimistic. The existing problems in the maritime trade, such as technical barriers, trade barriers and low levels of liberalization, have greatly hindered the development of marine trade. If you want to further development, these problems must be solved.

The Sea Of Commerce Usher In A New Dawn, Oeanc Achieve A Qualitative Leap

Well-known mathematician, chemist and blockchain technology scholars Walter has long been on the issue in the eyes, anxious in my heart.

His profound knowledge and extensive contacts allowed him to find a good solution to the problem. He developed and developed oeanc. This is not a general blockchain. It is a blockchain that can be decentralized.

In order for trade to realize its freedom, it is of utmost importance to break down technical barriers and achieve decentralization. Under normal circumstances, in order to protect their own markets and industries and improve the balance of payments, the government will make various measures to restrict or prevent the import of foreign goods. As a result, the degree of trade liberalization has been greatly reduced. Decentralization can solve this problem well.

Let’s see where the difference between centralization and decentralization really is. For the concept of centralization is more common when you want to contact A, need to be achieved through the B, and thus B due to information asymmetry, information flow operations, and other access to profit opportunities. There are many such phenomena in social networks, and the competitive advantage brought to one side when “structural holes” appear to be centralized. Go to the center is not the same, we can see the shared bike mode, to the center is simply like this. The same is true for oeanc, which, in the final analysis, reduces the huge competitive advantage of centralization. The reason why this can be done is because it shifts the center from an uncontrollable “person” to a controlled and neutral one. Controllable and neutral, there is no so-called competitive advantage. A series of problems such as technical barriers, trade barriers and low levels of liberalization have also been solved to some extent.

Full name: Oeanc
Short name: OEC
Developer: Walter
Development time: January 2018
Total: 10 billion
Algorithm: Scrypt

Nowadays, the trend of commercial development is toward the direction of commercialization. By sharing bicycles, the era of economic sharing has arrived. The development of an enterprise to seize business opportunities, keeping up with the pace of the times is how important. Fortunately, oeanc did, but also has the strong support of the European consortium! It is envisaged that oeanc in the blockchain certainly not the general advantage, and its development is bound to be immeasurable.

Media Contact
Company Name: Oeanc
Contact Person: Peter
Email: [email protected]
Country: Netherlands


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