The secret of the deliciousness lies in the double mesh filter


NIHONBASHI,CHUOU-KU – 07-08-2019 ( — HARIO launches the Double Mesh Metal Dripper.

It  is made solely of stainless steel and does not require a paper lter.

For roughly 100 years, HARIO has proudly produced stylish coffee  brewing equipment for a modern lifestyle.

The new Double Mesh Metal Dripper by HARIO does not require a paper filter. The double layer, stainless steel filter is carefully etched (not pressed), trapping the coffee grounds inside while allowing the coffee oils to slowly pour through the filter and collect on the surface of the coffee. These oils give your coffee body, flavor, and a deep aroma.

You can use this new dripper in the same way as you do the HARIO V60. Thanks to the scale marks on the inside, there is no need for a measuring spoon. Made solely of stainless steel, the filter is light, easy to use, and  nearly unbreakable. It is also very useful  
outdoors. With Hario’s new Double Mesh Metal Dripper, you can enjoy a flavorable cup of coffee anywhere, anytime.

The flavor, aroma and strength of your coffee will change depending on your brew method, even if you use the same coffee beans. Your mood and feelings will also affect how you experience and enjoy your coffee. At HARIO, we aim to make brewing a cup of favorite coffee an easy and familiar part of your your daily life with our broad range of dripping utensils. Enjoy your coffee with the new dripper from HARIO.

*Etching process: At HARIO we make fine holes through our special metal processing technique instead of pressing the mesh.

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