The Signing Ceremony of Vietnam’s First Blockchain Research Center


CollinStar Capital Pty Ltd, Vietnam BTC Company and Vietnam Academy of Sciences and technology signed an agreement for the inauguration of the first Vietnam blockchain research center. The blockchain center will be the first to be launched in Vietnam and is considered as the worlds first not for profit knowledge hub with its three main pillars of focus: Education, co-working space and community events. Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, is a revolutionary step in the evolution of a truly global economy. It allows faster, more secure transactions across the globe. The concept that transactions have a unique identifier that is unbreakable applies to any field of endeavor where the information needs verification and has a potential for corruption. Bitcoin is currently considered as a worldwide famous application of the blockchain technology.


Founded in 2015, CollinStar Capital PTY LTD is an Australian venture  capital firm specializing in financial technology, blockchain and cryptocurrency investment. Its AFSL license number is 483761. CollinStar capital PTY LTD is one of the the early investors in many cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins, and has become a leading BlockChain and cryptocurrency investment company in Australia and even the world.

Since the end of 2016, CollinStar capital PTY ltd  has provided venture investment for dozens of blockchain k projects, participated in the infrastructure projects built on the blockchain , and established the cloud computing center, and other assets. CollinStar capital PTY ltd is currently a founding member of the Hcash foundation, a successful decentralized and open source cross-platform cryptocurrency integrated with DAG system based on block and blockless technologies. Hcash (or Hshares) is currently the 22nd largest cryptocurrency in market capitalization with value (>332 million). Zijing Xu, the chairman of CollinStar capital PTY ltd, who was in the United States attending a breakfast with president Donald Trump expressed his gratitude to guests attending the ceremony, and wished the signing ceremony a big success.


Engineer Khal Achkar , a representative of CollinStar capital Pty Ltd, made a speech at the signing ceremony, mainly described the function and value of Vietnam blockchain research center in community activities, currency trading, and training . Also he presented to the audience technical details on bitcoin mining, blockchain applications ranging from healthcare to insurance to finance.


The establishment of “Vietnam blockchain research center” has been supported in many ways. In October 2017,MS. CAM TIAN, the chairman of Vietnam’s BTC, invested 25 billion Vietnamese dong to set up the BTC digital technology joint-stock company. It is the first digital asset trading platform to be registered. Vice President Mr. Ruan Weikang, attended the signing ceremony on behalf of academy of science and technology. He placed great expectations on the blockchain research center. He hoped CollinStar capital pty ltd and Vietnam BTC Digital Technology Co. Ltd.  cooperate to make the blockchain technology in Vietnam a success and try to catch up with the international level of the technology by placing Vietnam in this futuristic technology sector .

 In recent days, the prime minister of Vietnam has approved a resolution to improve the legal framework for digital assets such as digital currency and virtual currency. As the bitcoin process accelerates, the government has taken steps to speed up the adoption of cryptocurrency laws that affect bitcoin. The framework will be completed by the end of January. The central bank of Vietnam will be mainly responsible for revising the tax law. Revising the tax law will do good to the benefits of “virtual property and digital currency”. Many analysts predict that Vietnam will be the next investment hot spot.

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