The Smart Motion Pillow Anti-snoring Device Enters the US Market.


Korea South – 06-27-2019 ( — Seoul, South Korea.  Korean company 10Minds, a manufacturer of health & beauty products, has released Motion Pillow, their first sleep-technology device, to the North American market.  Incorporating specifically designed and patented hardware and software, Motion Pillow offers an ergonomic solution to chronic snoring.

Many anti-snoring options such as masks, chin straps, nose plugs, or surgery, are uncomfortable or invasive.  Motion Pillow takes the form of a memory foam bed pillow and a “Solution Box” bedside sensor.  It detects and records snoring patterns and the user’s current sleeping position before inflating internal airbags.   As the user’s head is gently raised and re-positioned their throat will open, stopping any snoring. 
The product partners with an app which allows the user to document and monitor their snoring statistics as recorded by the device.  The app also allows for customization of the product for each user’s sleeping pattern or preferences.  At 35 decibels it is whisper quiet, and the user will awaken unaware that their head was being re-positioned throughout the night. The pillow itself is made of high quality memory foam and is totally radiation and electricity free.
Motion Pillow attended CES2019 in Las Vegas to debut the Motion Pillow.  “When I tried the 10Minds version at CES, it felt as if someone (you know who you are) was assertively but lovingly shoving my head to the side.” wrote Geoffrey A. Fowler of The Washington Post. Motion Pillow Project Manager Erica Park says “We wanted to offer an alternative, something that stood out from current anti-snoring products.  Technology is changing the way we understand sleep, and we want to use that data to help the millions of people around the world who suffer with, or from, snoring.” Motion Pillow is currently available on Amazon, and will be launching in US furniture, mattress and department stores in the coming months.  The product is currently priced at $378.00, with frequent discounts or special offers on Amazon.  More information is available at

10minds is an innovative, award-winning company engaged in the smart health & beauty industry. Launching in 2014, they’ve developed popular ranges of massagers and beauty products that are sold in 60 countries. They are now entering the burgeoning sleep technology industry with Motion Pillow, which aims to revolutionize how we understand and prevent snoring through the use of modern technologies. Contact them at

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