Ties.Network Announces Strategic Partnership With Tidex Exchange, Lists TIE Token


ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – 12-28-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Ties.Network, the owner of world’s first decentralized public smart database Ties.DB, has announced strategic partnerhip with Tidex cryptocurrency exchange, which is now listing TIE token for trading.

Tidex is a fast and reliable multifunctional platform that pioneered the concept of seamless trading of different cryptocurrency assets. Thousands of traders anywhere in the world can get access to a simple way to trade over 70+ coins currently listed on Tidex. The exchange features quick and easy deposits; at the same time, it prides on advanced security and privacy measures.

Ties. Network is a category creator in the niche of decentralized blockchain applications having launched the first database product that is hosted entirely on blockchain. Ties.Network had a successful Token Generation Event in October, which raised over $9.5 million and distributed over 59 million TIE tokens.  As TIE token offers material benefits to its owners when it comes to using Ties.Network products, the company is relentlessly widening the number of exchanges where its tokens can be purchased.

We are happy to start our partnership with Tidex, which will help make TIE token more accessible by the members of the blockchain community.  We hope that this platform will widen the ranks of TIE tokenholders, paving the way towards wider acceptance of our product,” said Alexander Neymark, Ties.Network CEO and co-founder.

All Ethereum-based decentralized applications need to store non-financial data and enable end users to search through documents. Ties.Network has its own, unique product – Ties.DB, the first public database for decentralized structured data storage that allows advanced search and documents modification.  Ties.DB features include integrated fault tolerance, incentive schemes and smart contracts.  With Ties.DB, all users have a unique ID verified by their private key.  Users are tied to each record created as a result of their transactions.  Each record is replicated to a multitude of nodes.  While all records are publicly visible, they can be modified only by their owner.

About Ties.Network

Ties.Network is an Ethereum-based business platform for the crypto community that supports the first public, decentralized, distributed NoSQL database, Ties.DB. Ties.DB is Byzantine fault tolerant.  Ties.Network was founded by Alexander Neymark and Dmitry Kochin.Alexander Neymark has been launching and developing financial services for banks and telecommunications companies since 2000. In 2012, he began creating a platform for aggregating financial user data (account aggregation technology), which was implemented in the final development of Krawlly. Dmitry Kochin has extensive experience in IT. He holds a PHD in Technical Sciences and has been a serial entrepreneur in the IT sector since 2005. Dmitry has been involved in a variety of software projects related to payment processing, account aggregation, computer telephony and even financial services within online games. In October 2017, Ties.Network held a Token Generation Event, which raised over $9.5 million, and distributed over 59 million tokens.

For more information, please, visit www.ties.network 

Contact: Max Smetannikov, Nona Perez, MVG for Ties.Network, +1 646 205 7030, [email protected]

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