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26 Dec, 2017 – During the press meet held at the renowned 5-star hotel in the city, the spokesperson for Top Wheelie said that they now offer top quality pro scooter wheels at affordable rates, much to the delight of all pro scooter riding buffs. They specialize in selling scooter wheels of 100 mm and 110 mm in different colors like white, blue, red, green and clear wheels. Their website also sells LED scooter wheels, multi-colored wheels, wheels with ABEC bearings for Razor and Fuzion scooters.

The spokesperson of Top Wheelie also added that even though the mechanical vehicles like the scooters are used for conveyance, it is now popularly used for recreational activities. These vehicles are back on trend and have advanced features and revamped look. Many love to ride pro scooters as their hobby while some are passionate about it. A lot of scooting championships and tournaments are being held recently that has made many to take up scooting as their full-fledged passion. Most often, people are enthusiastic to own the push scooter, which is popularly known as the kick scooter. This vehicle can be operated manually and does not need any kind of chemical power. These features make it a safe option for the environment, as it doesn’t leave any carbon footprint. This land vehicle is a best choice to be used for road transport and is usually built using sturdy materials like titanium along with aluminum or steel.

One can also find more information about the pro scooter wheel products at

The website of TopWheelie would inform the readers that there are different types of scooters available in the market to cater to the driving needs of the people of varied age groups. One can also find kid’s scooters that have distinct features and unique design when compared to the adult scooters. The two wheeled scooters are of different types, such as Kickbikes, large foldable scooters, stunt scooters and folding scooters. To know the history of these scooters, just click on their official website at The site will also inform the readers that the scooters are offered as gravity or human powered type and motorized type to add a bit of convenience while driving the scooters. 

Thos who are on the lookout for premium grade pro scooter wheels will be delighted to find related information at the website of Top Wheelie. The scooter wheels are available mostly in 2 sizes, such as 110 mm and 100 mm. The 100 mm wheels are best for short people and are apt for people living in hilly regions while 110 mm wheels are best for taller people and can be useful for long distance scooting.

About Top Wheelie

The website of Top Wheelie is a popular online store that specializes in selling pro scooter wheels in different colors with advanced features like LED lights, ABEC bearings, and colorful core wheels. The site offers high quality wheels for scooters in bright colors like green, white, black, red and so on. 

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