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Australia, Queensland, Brisbane – 06-12-2020 ( — Touch Social Press Release
June 12, 2020: 

Touch Social, the first-ever social media platform backed by Blockchain technology, this week announced it was accepted to go live on Apple iOS and Google Android App Stores.  

Having been in development for over two-years, Touch Social is supported by a team with years of industry leading knowledge and experience.    

“Unlike the social media sites today that aggregate user data and sell it off to companies for remarketing purposes, Touch Social will not collect, nor sell data, which means we can guarantee no intrusive push advertising,” said Patrick Heaton, Founder of Touch Social. “On the contrary, with Touch Social, users will get paid for using the app and interacting with other users within the app.”

Touch Social will introduce ease of use to earning, spending, and sending cryptocurrency today. Wallets are packed together within the platform, allowing users to embrace the world of social media, as well as cryptocurrency, in one singular app.

Each crypto wallet will be tied to the user Touch Social profile, with the app supporting TST, TSD, and ETH wallets today. Future wallets will be able to support BTC, LTC, and other big name cryptocurrencies.

“Since we don’t have a money-making agenda with this social media site, Touch Social will feature unbiased feeds that are actually curated by the community,” said Heaton. “Plus, with content payments backed by Blockchain, Touch Social is designed to be an entire inclusive digital universe in one singular app. Spread the word, and download it today.”

Touch Social is based out of Australia. The team plans to release many more updates to Touch Social in the coming months.

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