United States – 03-28-2020 ( — TruPath BioDx is putting patients FIRST in the war against COVID-19. Even with symptoms and a doctor’s order, some patients can’t get tested because of a shortage of collection supplies. COO Megan Doss grew frustrated with this shortcoming and came up with an innovative approach to the crisis. “We are giving patients the power of ordering their own supplies, which they can bring to their provider’s office, so that they can be tested in a timely manner. The results from these tests can dramatically affect their health care management and, ultimately, their peace of mind”.

 Testing options for COVID-19 has changed dramatically over the past week. Approval for at home, patient collected samples has been put on hold by the FDA. Specimen accuracy is a main concern. Doss continued, “We understand the concern regarding the need for absolute specimen accuracy. Our collection supplies are meant to be used ONLY either under the supervision of, or performed by, a health care worker. Proof of this oversight is required before we proceed with testing”. Accuracy of patient results is also of paramount concern to the team at TruPath BioDx. Lead molecular biologist Meg Cowan-Groden explains, “PCR-based diagnosis, like we perform, is the most accurate and useful form of COVID-19 detection. Think of it like a criminal investigation. Other, serology-based tests equate to finding a suspect’s footprints at the scene of the crime. Our proprietary molecular methods, when positive, equate to catching the suspect red-handed”. The problem, she continued, with serology-based tests is the potential of false negative results. “Serology based tests rely on the function of a patient’s immune system. Immunocompromised patients, who are at the greatest risk for severe complications, may not mount an immune response that is strong enough to be detected by serology methods”. Ease of specimen collection and submission is also integrated into TruPath BioDx’s approach. COO Megan Doss explains, “We have chosen to focus our specimen collection method on the less invasive and more comfortable CDC approved options of a simple nose or throat swab. Our collection supplies provide the patient with everything they need, including pre-addressed and stamped mailing supplies”. Doss added “We want to ensure that, in these stressful times, patients are able to get their samples to us as fast as possible, and with as little effort required on their part. We know that there is anxiety when taking this test. A patient’s well-being should be their main focus”. Lab Director Dr. Ingerlisa Tiaga summed up their approach with a war-time analogy, similar to sentiments expressed by other national leaders and scientists. “This level of medical and social crisis is definitely new territory for all of us. Our goal is to bring the best options for patient testing to their doorstep so that, together, we can win this war against COVID-19”. If you would like to visit our website, please visit us Best regards, Ingerlisa W. Tiaga, MD, FCAPTruPath BioDx (Lab Director)

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