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United States, Delaware, Wyoming – 12-23-2019 ( — We are witnessing a historical and irreversible phenomenon that has made its way into the memories of mankind. Our age of technologies laid waste to the stereotyped concepts of financial structures and public institutions, dodging every trap and restriction set up by regulatory authorities of the most advanced countries and taught us all a lesson. 

For the first time ever do we observe the uncontrollable flow of digital assets overwhelm the monetary stock, joining the classical money tenders, and no one can do anything about it so far…

Pushed by the technological advancement, digital currencies, although still hardly usable in classical businesses, are now traded on exchanges and quoted along with US Dollar, Japanese Yen and other currencies. 

Despite all that, however, there is total distrust between the users of cryptocurrencies inside and outside the industry, spurned by numerous scams, illegal transactions and transgressors getting away with it. This market is still remarkably unregulated, so everything that is going on within it cannot be taken outside where the ancient classical courts still dole out sentences for bad behavior. 

This distrust in the industry and the users is detrimental to the development of cryptocurrencies as a financial asset that is otherwise capable of attracting new users, and any further development, therefore, is impossible. The new users are traditionally wary of the very process of cryptocurrency acquisition – there is no tool where sellers of cryptocurrency have some verified status and verified history. 


VIVIGLE is offering the Trust Protocol and a number of services so as to allay the concerns of the new users who are willing to join the industry while helping the existing users prove their trustworthiness and openness to business. 

VIVIGLE’S TRUST PROTOCOL will help check reliability of cryptocurrency users, clients and partners. Your addresses are ranked by real indicators that cannot be faked.

Vivigle service is expected to become the requisite guide that will connect current cryptocurrency users with newcomers, banks, insurance companies and other classic businesses with their clients, ensuring complete security of all transactions made. 

VIVIGLE Cryptocurrency Users and Wallets Assessment System has been built on the basis of data available for assessment in open blockchain, while integrating certain tools of the classical assessment methods, such as user registration and verification and user/transaction feedback. All this information is collated per each crypto address (or wallet) and can be linked to one’s profile. 

Any user who registers with VIVIGLE will be able to link any number of its addresses (wallets) and get an overall rating calculated by several parameters, such as BALANCE, FINANCE, ACTIVITY, TRUST, SKILL and many more.

Your Profile’s rating will look like this:


The Rating methodology use the following data to rate your address (wallet) or profile.

Balance Rating – the higher the balance on the address, the higher the rating. 

Finance Rating – here we rank the amounts of incoming (only) transactions, average purchase amount and overall financial indicators. 

Activity Rating – the number of transactions is also an important assessment parameter. 

The weight and importance of the parameters BALANCE, FINANCE, ACTIVITY grow considering the proximity of the considered period of time to the current one.

Trust Rating * – be open to the market and your potential partners and customers, and they will surely appreciate it – you will get more orders and, accordingly, more money…

We will appreciate it as well, for the Trust Rating is the most valuable parameter in our methodology. 

* Any user may choose to stay anonymous by enabling the Anonymous mode and maintaining the high Trust Rating.

SKILL Rating – make secure business with the Smart Deal service to earn points (feedback) from your partner, thereby affecting this parameter. This service allows you to conclude contracts where payment occurs in cryptocurrency (the service itself identifies the payment (in the blockchain) of the customer and binds the payment to the Deal). You can also attach all relevant documents, technical specifications, screenshots and make a Deal Statement prepared for verification by a notary. A verifiable document via Vivigle’s key.

Overall Profile Rating is a sum total of all points and indices earned by the above parameters. 

Rating methodology video explainer:



Vivigle Platform video explainer:



For better perception, we use alphabetic codes, which is an internationally accepted standard, where C stands for the minimum and AAA, accordingly, stands for the topmost ranking. For more detailed statistics, you can study the single address or profile’s rating by each parameter for 24 hours, 30 days and 12 months.

The User Rating will be assigned per any specific address (wallet) and/or per bunch of user wallets. 

Vivigle platform is up and running. Anyone can register online, link one’s wallets, get one’s rating and enjoy the service options. 



Smart Deal – the users may enter into certified deals with each other, specifying all pertinent terms and conditions, linking specific transactions (payments) to each specific deal and providing legal proof of the conclusion of the deal and payments by way of ready to be notarized statements. 

Certified Address (or Profile) Statement – Origin of Funds, Known Contractors, Investments (ICO) – the document prepared for notarization – a certificate issued to any address (wallet). The official Statement of any deal, payment (transaction) and/or investments in the ICO, and this Statement will be admissible in court proceedings. Such statements will be soon requested by the Bank to open you a cryptocurrency account or card.

Address/Profile Follow service (of your own or somebody else’s) – the so-called tracker – allows you to set up notifications on the movements of funds on any wallets and notify you via email, sms or telegram channel.

TrustLink – 100% evidence that you own any specific wallet. No one else will be able to give someone else’s address as his own.

All services are to be paid for with Vivicoin Tokens (VIVIGLE). Each new user will earn tokens under the enhanced reward program at the start of the platform. The referral system will also help you accumulate tokens and get VIVIGLE services for free. 


Eventually, a user’s presence on the service alone will indicate that it takes care of its financial history and is not afraid to show the purity of its intent.


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